I Decided To Throw A Party While My Parents Were Gone, But The Horrific Things That Happened Made Me Wish They Never Left

The night stuck to the usual script since my parents left a few days ago on their vacation. Some friends trickled in around nightfall with cheap booze purchased by older brothers and sketchy cousins. We sat around the house getting buzz before the girls and more distant acquaintances filed in as the night went on. The party swelled at about 11 and people slowly trickled out around 1 AM until I was left home alone around 3 AM.

The only difference was Clayton was parked out in the driveway this night semi-harassing everyone when they came in – drinking, smoking, catcalling girls and blasting David Allan Coe’s most offensive songs. It was kind of shitty and everyone was thoroughly weirded out by it, but I couldn’t have been more relieved when I went up to my room at the end of the night, looked out the corner window and saw his truck sitting there. This made sleep come much easier than I thought it would.

But it would not last for long.

I awoke quickly to the flickering of the automatic light from the garage.



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