I Decided To Throw A Party While My Parents Were Gone, But The Horrific Things That Happened Made Me Wish They Never Left


His red and black flannel cap almost falling off his sloppy head of unwashed hair.

I took the opening Percy gave me and ran past them, through the hallway. I didn’t even think about Brandon.

I ran downstairs and out the front door into the heavy, falling snow sifting down from the sky which was just waking up with a pale shine. It must have been just around 6 AM and a familiar rumble from over by the road confirmed the time.

I ran out to the road and saw Clayton’s heaving truck idling on the shoulder of the road. I ripped open the passenger’s side door and jumped in.

“What the fuck dude?” Clayton hacked, having swallowed his chew in surprise.

“Just go. Go,” I screamed.

Clayton obliged, still gagging on his chew.

We drove off into the cold, rising sun.




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