I Decided To Throw A Party While My Parents Were Gone, But The Horrific Things That Happened Made Me Wish They Never Left

That god damn light woke me up again, but not in the frightening way it did before. Probably because I was still pretty drunk. Probably because I now knew who the mysterious stranger was. Probably because I was still on cloud nine from my encounter with Lexy.

I ignored the light and just laid in my bed for a handful of moments before I grabbed my phone from atop the pillow next to me.

A quick check of the phone revealed a couple new text messages which had come in while I was asleep.

The first text was a godsend. A text from Lexy.

Excited to see you tomorrow.

The second was a nightmare. It was from my friend Mallory. It was a photo.

I took this tonight. Who the fuck is the guy on the far right?

I looked closely at the photo. At first glance, it was just your typical drunk high school party group photo. Me and about six or seven of my friends were huddled up in my kitchen each holding different bottles of alcohol, mugging for the camera. Sure to be horribly embarrassing in a few years.



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