I Decided To Throw A Party While My Parents Were Gone, But The Horrific Things That Happened Made Me Wish They Never Left

The night couldn’t have gone better. The relief my conversation with my dad about harmless Percy allowed me to get thoroughly drunk and fully enjoy getting to be a single high school boy with free reign of a mansion and a bevy of drunk high school girls around him.

The night eventually led to the hot tub where the heat of the bubbles and burning brown eyes of a classmate whom I had barely talked to, but had stared at all year, Lexy, made me forget about any fears from the past few days. We moved closer and closer to each other in the hot water as the frigid December Long Island air kept us deep under the surface of the water.

Lexy and I eventually slipped away to my room to do what drunk, unsupervised high school kids do together. My only regret was being so drunk I couldn’t quite fully accomplish my ultimate goal. However, I was comforted by the promise we made to each other to take things further next time before Lexy was drug off by her girlfriends and I slipped away into a happy sleep on top of the blankets on my bed.




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