Hiding Out In An Abandoned Cabin Was One Of The Worst Mistakes I Ever Made

“Shit,” I muttered to myself.

“It’s okay. No one else at my place knows you are here.”

Jo went on until she apparently found what she needed in her purse. A small syringe, a lighter and a spoon.

“Do you mind?”

I did, but just nodded so I could keep getting more information out of her.

“Who do you live with?”

“We have a grow opp through the woods, some more guys you probably don’t want to cross paths with, but don’t worry, they don’t watch the news or anything and they don’t check those cameras, just me.”

I watched her heat up the heroin, collect it with the syringe and then turned away when she stuck the needle to her ashy vein.

“I want to help you though,” She went on. “Maybe get you out of here, somewhere far. You can’t stay here forever.”

She started to trail off towards the end of her last sentence. The eyes rolled into the back of her head and she slouched back on my bed until she was lying on her back.

“No, no, no,” I pleaded.

But no luck, Jo was out cold on my bed and out of the little window behind her, I could see the sun was beginning to rise.


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