Hiding Out In An Abandoned Cabin Was One Of The Worst Mistakes I Ever Made

I will now let you know I am writing this from a hospital bed in some little ass town I have never even heard of. All I know if I broke just about every damn bone in my body and was really lucky that I actually ended up crashing into the Mount Baker ski area where skiers went right by me, or I probably would have died. I don’t know if using the word “lucky” is really fair though, because I spend my days in nights tended to by nurses who seem to treat me as if I am some kind of a hideous python at a zoo they have to feed and bathe occasionally that repulses them.

The police haven’t asked me very many specifics but I can tell my future isn’t very bright once my bones heal. I had a much bigger fear than law enforcement arise last night. I noticed a tattoo on the neck of the nurse who changed out my IV bag.

A cow skull with glowing green eyes.


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