Hiding Out In An Abandoned Cabin Was One Of The Worst Mistakes I Ever Made

I was deep in the woods, but I saw no other signs of life at least. The sigh of relief I let out felt even better when I saw a little building off in the near distance. I mustered up my last reserves of energy and galloped to it.

A closer look revealed the building to be a garage of sorts, housing snowmobiles. I hadn’t driven one of the things since I was a kid, but saw the thing as my only potential ticket to continuing my life, especially since I could see keys dangling in one of them.
I hopped on, fired the engine and took off into the snowy world.

It wasn’t hard to figure out where to drive, I just avoided the trees the best as I could in the direction from where I had come. I flew through the woods with the morning sun just starting to rise above, trickling through the cracks of the leaves and branches and illuminating the snowy ground.

I was moving fast, didn’t know where I was going, but felt like I was at least getting away from where I came. Despite the freezing cold my body felt, I had started to feel rays of hope in my life for the first time in weeks. I didn’t care if I went to prison for 20 years, I was going straight to the police when I reached civilization, turning myself in, and telling the truth.

Those warm and fuzzy feeling disappeared when I saw the man in the dark clothes who had chased me away from the farm run into my field of vision and head straight for me.
The only thing I could do was jerk the steering in the other direction, down a steep slope that increased my already blazing speed ten fold.

I had avoided my assailant, but I had a new, much, much more dangerous adversary rushing at me so fast there was nothing I could do.

A cliff.

I quickly found myself high in the air, floating above the snowmobile in a frozen world of white ice and snow until I felt myself hit the ground. The last thing I remember seeing before I blacked out was a pair of boots strapped upon skis race by my eyes.


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