I Found My Photo On A Missing Child Report, And I Don’t Know What To Do

“Turns out though the story we printed was completely backwards. The lady who told our reporter was telling everything the other way around. The Debra lady was actually the one who had abducted the boy and she was trying to throw off the trail and muck things up. They eventually figured it out though, found the boy and that family disappeared into thin air, for good reason. They never did find the Debra lady though. As I said too many times already, things were different back then. Once she gave up the boy, they kind of didn’t look for her too much. Harder to track people back then. ”

The footsteps were in the bedroom, I gritted my teeth, praying they wouldn’t find the secret door in the closet.

“But anyway, we eventually ran the right stories, they were all in The Citizen-Times eventually and I can mail them to you if you like.”

The footsteps moved to the closet. I heard the closet doors open and ended the voicemail call even though the message wasn’t over yet.

I held my breath as the footsteps stopped and I heard rustling just outside of the trap door. I couldn’t make anything close to a sound. I prayed in my head for what seemed like hours as the footsteps patrolled just outside my secret door.

And eventually my prayers were answered.

I heard the footsteps walk away and go back downstairs.

I waited silently for countless more minutes before I took out my phone and called the police.


The small town police force that arrived was little to no help, but their presence was at least comforting. I was still trying to catch my breath hours later as they combed the house.

I was in the kitchen talking with an officer I unfortunately had gone to high school with when another officer brought over the only thing of interest they could provide.

“Found this on the porch,” the officer announced before he handed me a hand-written note.

Jeff –
I am quickly assuming since you are hiding from me that you found out the “real story.” I hold strong to the fact that what I told you was true and what others might tell you is the lie, but I understand that is hard to believe. I just want you to know the days we spent together were the best of my life and now as an old woman with not too much time left, I feel I can rest much more peacefully when the time comes. I will leave now and let you live in peace as well. Just know you have a real mother out there and she truly loves you, even if you do not believe me.
However, I cannot guarantee that I will stay away forever. There may come a day when I decide that I need to see you again.
Your Mom



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