There Is An Island Off The Coast Of Washington Where A Religious Cult Operates A ‘Colony’

“You know anything about that shit?” I asked.

“Yes, and no.”


“I thought she was a virgin,” the sentence dribbled out of Gabby’s mouth.

I shot a look over my shoulder up the hill of trees before going on.

“I’m gonna need more than that.”

“If you have sex here and they find out about it, they come for you. It’s happened before. There was a guy a couple of years ago I was hanging out with. Supposedly he brought some girl he knew from the mainland in and had sex with her. No one ever saw him again. That’s what they do, if they find out you had sex here, they kill you. Your coach must have had sex here.”

Just as Gabby finished, two people stepped out of the doors of the gym. It was the same two figures from the night before that were outside my cabin. They calmly walked away from the door and disappeared around the corner of the building, out of sight.

“But you’re okay. Apparently they just wanted her,” Gabby said but was interrupted by the sound of crunching leaves behind us.

We turned around to see two new figures clad in black, faces obscured with snake masks, descending the hill behind us full speed in our direction.

“What the fuck?” Gabby yelled at me and we ran back into the playfield and towards the school. “Go to the school, go to the school.”

We sprinted across the playfield and crossed into the blacktop maze that was the school grounds.

Built like a fortress, the school grounds had just a couple of small entrances that allowed penetration into a shell of heavy walls that housed in a cluster of tall skinny buildings that housed the classrooms and administrative buildings. Splashed periodically around the asphalt walkways that floored the grounds were clusters of playground equipment for the younger kids – mini pea gravel pits dotted with monkey bars, swing sets and wooden play sets shaped like ships, the little areas frequently beamed with the laughter of children.

Gabby and I weaved our way around the asphalt of the grounds when she looked over her shoulder.

I knew all of the school buildings would be locked after hours, but I also knew that the other side of the school was home to the only other entrance/exit to the grounds and this one led out to the harbor. Our best shot might be to go to the marina and try and steal or at least hide on one of the boats.

That plan went up in flames when we neared the other side of the school and I caught a glimpse of two more of the snake mask-wearing figures waiting in the exit.

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