There Is An Island Off The Coast Of Washington Where A Religious Cult Operates A ‘Colony’

“But we are fine as long as we don’t have sex?”

Before Gabby could respond, the sound of a knock on the back of the cabin shook every fiber of my being. Gabby and I screamed in unison and my eyes checked on the lock before I snatched up my phone and beamed a spotlight out into the darkened woods out the back window.

Two figures clad in black from head to toe stood in the grass right at the edge of the forest without shame. A moment of focus showed the figures to be a male and a female adult of about average sizes, they wore black pants, black turtlenecks and what looked to be dark green masquerade-style snake masks that covered just the area around their eyes and noses. The only light in their outfits were little white fangs that jutted down at the bottom of the masks.

The two figures didn’t move an inch, even when I shut the spotlight off, I could still see their faint outlines motionless in front of the silhouette of the trees.

“They aren’t moving,” I whispered.

“I should leave,” Gabby whispered back.

“Are you kidding me? With those weirdos standing out there?”

“They want me to leave.”

“I’m walking with you. You aren’t going by yourself.”

“Don’t be such a guy. You walking with me will just make things worse. Then they will follow us.”

Gabby jumped up off the bed and leaned over for a kiss that burned my insides with what I couldn’t have. I watched longingly as she left out my door and then jumped up to lock it behind her.

I turned around and stretched out towards one of the cabin windows and looked back up the hill. The two figures in the masks still stood there, their hands now clasped together.


It had just been another unnerving day in Eden. My classes were just as stale and boring as they were back in Seattle, but my colleagues were a numb group of introverts who seemed to look at me like I was an alien and rarely engage unless they absolutely had to. I felt like I was in solitary confinement. I couldn’t interact with Gabby all day because the girls went to school in a different building.

My only respite came when the final school bell would toll and I would rush to the ring out woods that lined the far edge of the school track and meet up with Gabby for our daily make out/Eden venting sessions. I would savor every moment as we shivered in the thin strip of woods because we only had 35 minutes before I would have to be in the gym being tortured by Coach Raphael.

Our time together just didn’t feel right this day though. I couldn’t get the image of the masks, the black-clad figures and the snake slithering in the night out of my head. I thought about what Gabby had told me and how they were probably watching us.

I actually cut off our time together almost 10 minutes short and headed to the gym.


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