18 Reasons Why The Concept Of “Female Privilege” Is Insane

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1. Female disadvantage is walking down the street at night, having to worry about being attacked or raped. Female disadvantage is having to carry mace everywhere you go, even though the chances of it actually protecting you are slim.

2. Female disadvantage is being approached by men who think they have a right to your body. And when you turns said man down, you are called a bitch, or a prude, or stuck up, or whore — or even all of those and more. Female disadvantage is being told you should be thankful a man even looked your way.

3. Female disadvantage is being taken advantage of when you’re drunk and being told it’s your own fault for drinking and putting yourself in that situation.

4. Female disadvantage is turning on the TV and seeing beautiful women portrayed as air-headed, vain, stupid, and sexually promiscuous while women that are in position of power are seen as pushy, bossy, less desirable, and often less attractive.

5. Female disadvantage is the fact that chivalry and morality are dying to the point where men argue about having to put those less able to protect themselves first.

6. Female disadvantage is being told a woman shouldn’t be allowed to get an abortion, that she’s not a true member of the church if she’s taking birth control, and having old men who cannot and have never had to worry about getting pregnant fight over her reproductive rights. Female disadvantage is a man refusing to support his own child, leaving her to raise it on her own.

7. Female disadvantage is being blamed for a mistake made by two people.

8. Female disadvantage is being told she’s less than a man. Female disadvantage is being seen as weaker than a man intellectually and that she’ll never be half as capable as a man.

9. Female disadvantage is BEING THE ONE WHO IS RAPED. Statistically, women are raped more so than men are (though this is not to discredit the men who are also victims.) Female disadvantage is being told rape is your fault because of how you dressed or acted.

10. Female disadvantage is society telling her it’s her duty to get married and have children while men are encouraged to “play the field” because being a bachelor is glorified and embraced.

11. Female disadvantage is being abused by a husband and not having the physical strength to stop him unless she can work up the strength to contact the police. And still, in today’s society, there is a chance the police will not take her seriously because “she’s being an overdramatic woman trying to get revenge on her husband.”

12. Female disadvantage is being seen in a negative light if you do not portray stereotypical female traits such as empathy.

13. Female disadvantage is being payed a lower salary in the same position a man holds. Female disadvantage is being judged if you’re a stay at home mom because you’re not living up to the rights won by feminists past but being judged if you do not stay at home to raise your children.

14. Female disadvantage not having her opinion taken seriously when there is a real issue.

15. Female disadvantage is being successful and being told it’s only because you’re a woman, not because you’re hardworking.

16. Female disadvantage is having your body dissected by the media and society, and having immense pressure to live up to an arbitrary and unattainable ideal image of beauty.

17. Female disadvantage is having to hide the fact that you’re a feminist because it’s seen as a dirty word. Female disadvantage is being told you’re just a harpy nit-picking feminist who is being over-sensitive.

18. Female disadvantage is being tossed aside as irrational and arrogant. Female disadvantage is being told “You have it good enough, why keep fighting?” TC mark

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    Yes, yes and yes. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this post. It’s sickening, how big of an affect your gender has on virtually every aspect of life. Will women ever be truly equal to men? Love your blog. Care to check out mine? downwiththenorm.wordpress.com

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    That’s true. Sometimes women feel helpless and bitter because of some social conditions. But a woman is more courageous from her heart, I believe!!

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