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Date The Girl Who Loves Fall

Colder weather, warmer hugs, cuter clothes, better mugs… Fall is finally here.

Born in early November, I’m pretty much obligated to love the Fall season, but it is still a very conscious choice as well. “Summer… I’mma let you finish, but Fall is the best season out there.”

Fall is also the time where Summer flings start to fade and Fall romances begin to flourish. Yep, that’s right. It begins that time of year that many of us recognize as ‘cuffing season’ and I’m here to tell you why you should definitely date the girl who loves Fall.

The girl who loves Fall is usually pretty laid back and earthy. She has a divine love for crispy breezes and warming scents that accompany the season, which really makes taking this girl on a date pretty simple, yet satisfying. She would love to catch a coffee or tea in a park where the two of you can bask in the beautifully dying leaves on the trees. Trust me, there’s something about embracing the beauty of the trees changing and shedding that can really get the two of you to open up over a conversation. I don’t know–I don’t know what it is, but definitely try it.

If a hot coffee or tea isn’t your thing, don’t forget all the great memory-making, Insta-worthy dates like football games, pumpkin patches, hayrides, the fair… I’m feeling all giddy inside just thinking about it! Fall is a truly a platform to really steal the heart of a great woman because everyone knows the girl who loves Fall is a hopeless romantic.

Outside of amazing out-and-about dates, the girl who loves Fall has no issues with a snuggly inside date night, cozied up by a fire to enjoy a good movie or to listen to a romantic playlist over a glass of wine. I’m telling you, the chillness of this girl will end up throwing you for a loop if you’re not careful, so don’t go playing any games and end up playing yourself. Take it from me… the girl who loves Fall can have you in your feelings when you least expected to be because Fall is for romance–and effortlessly, romance is her thing.

Of course, there are other things to consider when speaking of the girl who loves Fall like fashion and food. I’d definitely say this girl can get down in the kitchen or at least knows of all the best spots to grab good eats. She’s also not too obsessive with her appearance. She’s going to make sure that she looks good, but it won’t take too much effort. You might catch her shaving less or skipping a pedicure or two–and she’s okay with that. This girl is real. Nothing says comfort to her like a warm piece of dessert and an oversized sweatshirt. Okay?

To keep things simple, Fall gives you the opportunity to really court the beautifully spirited girl you’re so interested in. It’ll set you up to make sure she’s the girl you want to have around for the holidays or longer–believe me, you will. And dating her is a great gateway to beginning what has the strong potential to be one of the greatest relationships you’ve experienced to date.

Maybe they call it Fall because it’s the perfect time to fall in love… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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