14 Signs That You Really Just Need To Be Single AF Right Now

One thing I had really hoped we left in 2017 was our title of being the literal worst dating generation known to mankind. Sadly, that still seems to be a thing. So, while we gear up for the official 2018 Cuffing Season, I thought it would be good to simply recap the signs that you really just need to be single AF right now. Let’s get into it!

1. Everything about people annoys you.

Literally. Everything. You go out and find yourself irritated by anyone standing within a few feet of you. You have an attitude when strangers talk to you. You are horrible at taking compliments from strangers and you pretty much never initiate human interaction. And with friends? Let’s just say things aren’t much better…

2. You’re settling.

You know it, your friends and family know it, but you keep convincing yourself that things will turn out differently than the last relationship you were in that had the same red flags. The way you see it, being with the wrong person is better than not being with anyone at all.

3. You don’t know how to compromise.

It’s all about you. Sure, you care about your partner… just not as much as you care about your own wants and needs. You don’t see compromise as a healthy alternative to not getting your way and you have no problem throwing a temper tantrum to make sure that you do.

4. You’re self-centered.

Yes, they say it’s hard to have someone else love you when you can’t even love yourself, but there’s levels to this shit. A little modesty never hurt anybody. Don’t miss out on your soulmate because you’re too busy looking at yourself.

5. You’re impatient.

From getting somewhere on time to setting long-term goals, your patience is really thin. You want things to happen exactly when you say they should. You don’t see where your partner is working to get to–the big picture–you can only focus on where they are now. While some wouldn’t see this as a sign of not needing to be in a relationship, I’m willing to bet otherwise. Slow and steady wins the race.

6. You don’t want to make sacrifices for your partner’s benefit.

If you’re self-centered and impatient, it’s not likely that you’re willing to make sacrifices that benefit both you and your partner. A working, lasting relationship takes sacrifices from both parties involved. Period.

7. You don’t accept the concept of baggage.

Even though everyone has baggage, to include yourself, you can’t seem to grasp the reality of it. You don’t want to accept that no one is perfect and you’re constantly nagging and complaining about the baggage that you knew they came with in the first place.

8. You’re still in love with your ex.

*rolls eyes* Like, seriously? How are you going to move on when your heart belongs to someone else? Take time to heal, baby. You owe it to yourself and you will surely thank yourself later.

9. You need to work on yourself.

You don’t not want love, you just want to learn to love yourself right now. You want to get closer to your goals. You want to get closer to God. You just want to get your shit together… there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

10. You have major trust issues.

If you can’t trust, you can’t do relationships. I’m not saying anything else about it. Stay single. Bottom line.

11. You’re not a member of the Self-Love Club.

You only see your value when someone else points it out to you. You struggle with self-identity and even more with self-love. If you can’t love you, how do you expect someone else to?

12. You hold your ex’s past against any potential partner.

You go into every new relationship expecting your new partner to make the same mistakes that your old partner made. You readily accuse them of doing the same things even when it’s very clear that they haven’t. You’re not ready to let the hurt go, which means you’re not ready to move on.

13. You can’t reciprocate the things you’re asking for in a relationship.

You want trust, loyalty, love, forgiveness… all of the above, but you can’t dish it out in return. You want great sex, support, and cooked meals, but you can’t provide any of that either. Righhhht.

14. You just want to be single.

You’re out here living your best life and you don’t need a partner to do it. You have your bros or your girl squad and right now that’s more than enough love for you. As long as you’re genuinely happy, do you boo boo!

If you’ve found yourself in any of the previously mentioned, just take a beat. Doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t find love. It just means that for right now you just need to be single AF, boo. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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