A Message From Those Of Us Who Love To Drink

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​Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

​There’s nothing wrong with a little drinking every now and then. I mean, if it were so bad would you be able to drink at the Christmas office party? Okay, maybe you’ve never drank at a Christmas office party, like me, but you have a deep love in your heart for a good drink.

​Personally, I’m a craft beer kind of lady, but a good drink is a good drink. ​H​ere​ are a few disclaimers for those of us who love to drink! ​Let’s get into!​

​Yes, I indulge, but ​I don’t overdo​ it—unless​ I want to.

I get that you want to keep me safe and in control. That’s awesome. However, it’s better for you to just let me do me right now. There’s a reason I’m drinking and if you allow me to indulge for that particular reason, the chances of me overdoing it are pretty slim to none. On the contrary, the more you bug me, the more likely I am to overdue it because now I’m drinking for two reasons—the initial reason I started and because you’re getting on my fucking nerves. Great.

The decisions​ I make aren’t always mistakes.

Sometimes my liquid courage gives me just the right amount of confidence I need to ask the guy I keep staring at for his number, to handle not-so-great news, or to work through something in my life. No, that’s probably not ideal for some; but it is for most of us who drink. I won’t pinpoint any decisions per say, but just know that not every decision I make while drinking is an acting mistake. Sometimes I just need a push to do the things I already wanted to do.

If drinking isn’t your thing… that’s cool, but “bitch don’t kill my vibe.”

I drink. I like drinking. Hell, I love drinking. If that’s not your thing, there is no harm done. You can even come to the bar and hang out with me or come over for Wine Wednesday. My other drinking friends make think you’re a fucking weirdo, but still you’re welcome. Rule number one, though? Don’t make bad comments about alcohol, my drinking habits, or anything else that has the potential to kill my vibe. Just don’t do it.

Drinking allows me to let my hair down and I need that shit.

At the end of the day, I’m a single mom and adulting can be stressful AF. You feel me, right? Like I said before, we all have a vice and too much of anything isn’t good for you. As a drinker, I assure you I’ve had more than enough blacked out nights to know my limit and how to keep myself safe. I drink responsibly for the most part. I drink because I can take a breath a little easier. I drink because I don’t have a start button you can push to bring my ‘instant happy’ out. I drink because I have better sex that way. I drink to make memories with friends. I drink to let my hair down.

(Again, this article is to highlight some of the reasons I love to drink, but in no way am I promoting others to do the same.)

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