Why The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Girl Who’s Always Single

Natalie Allen

At first, I assumed that going after a girl who is usually single would be ideal for any man, but I realized later that instead of figuring out why she chooses to be single they probably think it’s force, not a choice. So, let’s go ahead and clear that up now. Everybody wants somebody and there’s somebody for everyone. The girl who is usually single can definitely have her pick, but settling is never an option for this kind of woman. If that’s not reason enough to bag her, here are a few more reasons why the best relationship of your life will be with the girl who was always single. Let’s get into it!

She will show you how to live a free life.

A woman who is used to being single is in a relationship with the world. She is in a relationship with exploring all the nooks and crannies she can experience throughout life. When you’re in a relationship, a lot of times you lose that freedom factor–but not with her. She definitely won’t be interested in giving up her free life, but she’ll bring you along and show you what’s so great about it.

She isn’t hung up on drama.

Ain’t no drama, honey. She doesn’t entertain foolishness at all. She’s able to cut the crap before it even starts, which could be why she’s always single. She’s strong. She’s smart. She’s independent and you won’t be pulling the wool over her eyes, so come correct.

She won’t sweat you.

The best reason to build a relationship with the girl who is always single is because she’s independent. One thing every successful relationship needs is just that. As long as you know the importance of independence within a relationship (because men can be clingy too), the two of you will build the relationship everyone wants–one with trust, understanding, and respect for personal space.

She won’t be mad at your performance (or the lack thereof).

She doesn’t get all worked up that you didn’t get her the perfect birthday present. She isn’t used to receiving a bunch of gifts and she’s especially not used to receiving them from a significant other, so she’ll appreciate every effort that is made. I won’t say there are no wrong answers, but as long as you are showing genuine effort throughout the courtship, she’ll love it no matter what it is.

She loves life more than you.

As I mentioned earlier, the girl who is usually single is in a relationship with herself and the world. She is in a relationship with life and it’s one that she doesn’t take lightly. Again, this could be another reason she is always single, but it’s not a reason she is ashamed about. In our defense (because I am very much so like this), we know how to identify the things that are worth our energy and when the shoe doesn’t fit, we don’t force it.

She’s established.

She has her shit together. Being with you makes her better, but it isn’t a necessity. She appreciates having you in her life but is more than capable moving through life without you. It isn’t meant to come off as harsh as it does, but it’s the truth.

In all honesty, it’s a risk to go after a woman like this. Last I checked though, all the best things in life present some kind of a risk factor so grow a pair and go for the girl who is usually single so she can upgrade you. You won’t regret it!  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Adulting is hard AF… we might as well figure it out together.

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