What It’s Really Like To Date A Woman Who Has Her Shit Together

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Confident, beautiful, and on her sh*t.

There isn’t really another way to describe the woman who is about her business. Dating an ambitious woman should be your goal, fellas. Sure, I’ll go ahead and say it… she might seem like a b*tch at first, but she’s just serious about where she’s going in life. There are a ton of benefits as to why this kind of woman should be the lady you’re looking for, but I’ll just point out a few to get you started. Here’s what it’s really like to date a woman who is about her business. Let’s get into it!

She has her sh*t together, so save the bull for someone else.

You aren’t going to pull the wool over her eyes. She takes herself seriously and won’t allow anyone to waste her time. Nine times out of ten, she’s already kind of skeptical about investing time into something new anyway.

Her time is valuable and she’s tired of wasting it on men with nothing to offer, but sex and games.

When you date a woman who is about her business, you should value her time just as much as he has. If you’re still about games, she’s definitely not the woman you need in your life.

She wants to be in control, but if you’re a strong man she’ll release the reins a bit.

A woman who is about her business naturally takes control. She can’t help it; it’s who she is. Although she is used to controlling situations, when you’re man enough, a woman is willing to let you take the lead. You have to make her see that you can handle leading her though.

If you’re intimidated by her alone, she won’t trust that you are strong enough to lead her. If you can show her that you respect the fact that she is a strong, independent woman, BUT you’re the man and are capable of taking the lead–trust me, she won’t fight you about it. In fact, it’s a major turn on for a man to be able to put his foot down without stepping on his woman.

She’s on her P’s and Q’s, so she’ll expect you to be the same way.

You gotta come correct. You gotta have something to offer. A woman who is about her business isn’t perfect, but she’s striving to be. She wants you to be a reflection of her and vice versa. She wants you to be confident, charismatic, and everything else she feels that she brings to the table.

She has a serious work ethic, but she also enjoys letting her hair down.

All work and no play isn’t good for anybody. Yes, a woman who is about her business works hard, but she plays even harder. She won’t allow a good time to jeopardize her quality of work or her ability to get it done, but when all the work is done she is definitely down to have a good time. This is a good thing. A woman who is about her business is the best of both worlds. She’s serious about what matters, but she’s an adventurous risk-taker–even in bed.

She wants you to work for her, but she’s worth it.

At the end of the day, a woman who is about her business may be strong and independent, but she’s still a woman. She needs affection. She wants to experience romance. She wants to feel needed. She will challenge you to see if you can deliver on those things–but here’s the catch–without making her feel weak. This is why her initial reactions will seem uninterested or unimpressed because she doesn’t want to see too soft. So, yeah… she’ll make you chase her, but she’s worth it. I promise.

Once you prove yourself, she’s yours forever.

A woman who is about her business values her time. It’s one of her most valuable assets. That being said, once she realizes that you haven’t wasted her time and you can handle being her counterpart, she will respect everything that you two have built and will build. She’s loyal.

She won’t let anyone or anything come between what she’s now investing her heart and time into. She won’t give up on you guys easily. She’ll always want to solve whatever problems you two come up against. That also means though, that if you break her heart you had better be ready to experience hell, buddy. Hell hath no fury like an [ambitious] woman scorned.

Are you man enough to handle her? Sure you are! Now, get out there and make someone happy! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Adulting is hard AF… we might as well figure it out together.

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