To The Friends Who Loved Me Unconditionally When I Hit Rock Bottom

Jorge Flores

To the best friends who stood by my side when I hit rock bottom, thank you.

Thank you for letting me pervade in my sadness and reassuring me that despite the unexpected turn of events, one thing was still good and it was the confidence of having you by my side.

Thank you for the harsh truth that you slapped on my face when I needed a little bit of tough love to get me through the day.

Thank you for wiping the tears off my face when the world felt like it was a little too much on most days.

Beyond doubt, thank you for understanding my pain, for letting me be on my own when I would be so tired to talk to anyone, even you.

You are my hero. You saved me from a state worse than death itself, that not even death could have solved what I had brewing inside of me.

You reassured me days on end that life gets better, that I’ve been through worse, that I will and can survive this.

I realized soon enough that life does get better, we all move on one way or another, but in all reality, I survived because you held me up when I couldn’t stand on my own two feet. When all I could do was lay in bed and cry.

You could have walked away because I was stubborn and I didn’t listen but you stayed by my side.

You held my hand and loved me to the best of your ability.

Thank you for all the times that you showed me warmth, the random hugs that you graced me with because you knew something was up even if I didn’t tell you anything.

Lastly, thank you for unconditionally loving me, for me, all of me, unrestricted and unbounded.

A person like you deserves every bit of good this world can give because that’s how you love, your love is one of the things that gave me hope that this world can still be good despite all it’s made out to be.

You loved me when I couldn’t even love myself.

You taught me the importance of self-care and that we shouldn’t believe everything that goes inside our heads.

Your existence proved to me that someone can and will love me despite circumstances that have made me unlovable and unbearable. You are the spark that kept me going when the world gave me every reason to quit and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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