The Reality Is That Some Relationships End, But That Doesn’t Mean You Failed

The Reality Is That Some Relationships End, But That Doesn’t Mean You Failed

I truly believe that one of the hardest parts of life is accepting that some relationships fail. For some reason, relationships, whether they be romantic or not, seem like they should never end. This may be due to the fact that you don’t see yourself telling another person that you have outgrown them or that your friendship isn’t what it used to be, and that’s leaving you feeling empty after each interaction. People rarely look at their friendships and take inventory of them. Cutting people out of your life has often seemed like the immature thing to do, yet I feel that too frequently this mindset is going to leave you with constantly unsettling relationships.

I’m not saying that you should block someone the next time they make you mad or completely purge your contacts. However, what I am saying is that life is way too short and way too valuable for you to spend your time in the company of individuals who make you unhappy or cease to recognize your role in their life.

You deserve to have people who believe in you and know your greatness.

You deserve to have people who can support you through the best moments of your life and the hardest ones.

You deserve to have people who you know you can call on, ones who will constantly lift you to the life you want.

You deserve people who bring out different sides of you and who take you in.

You deserve to have people who want to be in your life.

You deserve to not have to endlessly chase people until you convince them that you’re worth their time.

You shouldn’t have to convince people that you need a spot in their lives. You shouldn’t have to beg for their attention or approval, you should just be able to exist as you are and flourish in that space.

Relationships are only completely functional when two people show up for each other and communicate.

I don’t think that we should be so terrified of relationships ending. Relationships end. Friendships end. People evolve and the connection isn’t as strong as before. People move across the country, they lose touch, they meet new people who fit their pieces better than you do. It doesn’t mean that you have failed, and it doesn’t mean that your relationship was invalid. It just means that people change.

So let people change. Allow people to come into your life for a season, and allow them to leave when it’s their time to move on. You don’t need to grab onto everyone and force them to stay. Let them walk their path and the relationship will naturally come if it is meant to be there. You’ll be able to tell who is there for you and who isn’t. Strive to become your most authentic self and see at the end of the day who is cheering you on. You cultivate the best friendships by not holding onto the ones that don’t serve you. You are not obligated to anyone to force love or a relationship. If the relationship leaves you feeling weak, inferior, or not good enough, then it may be time to walk away.

Find the people who are consistent and let you consistently be you. Find the people who remind you of the person that you want to be and embrace the messy parts of you. Find the people who know that you’re good enough to be in their lives. Let relationships end if they aren’t functioning the way you want them to. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad partner or a bad friend, it means that you care enough about yourself to find what you need. Give that same grace to other people. Let everyone find the people they need when they need them. People come and go, but that doesn’t mean you’ve failed, and it doesn’t mean you’re worthless. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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