15 Signs He’s Really, Really Into You

He's Just Not That Into You
He’s Just Not That Into You

Here are 15 signs the new guy you’re dating is extremely attracted and serious about you and your future relationship.

  1. After four or five dates, he invites you out with the guys so you can meet his buddies.
  2. He loves to show you off – dinner, dancing, and soirees.
  3. He tells you how “incredibly beautiful you look”.  He’s not shy about expressing how much he really likes you. He’ll also go to incredible lengths to be around you (i.e. cancel plans he already has just to see your stunning face).
  4. He introduces you to his family on week number two. He’s nervous but excited to see the reaction of his parents and siblings when they see what a catch you are. After you leave, he asks his family what they think. He means business and serious commitment.
  5. He calls/texts you frequently, at least twice a day. He sends you picture messages and keeps you in the loop.
  6. He tells you he misses you, even though it’s been only a day since you last saw each other.
  7. He prefers to give/receive sentimental gifts, ones with more personal meaning than the latest fad must-haves. He’s not cheap, however, and will most certainly spend a generous amount to make you happy (as long as he’s financially stable) meanwhile he doesn’t really want you to spend your money on him.
  8. He gives you the remote when you’re over at his place and he lets you pick the movie when going to the cinema. This is major.
  9. He simply wants to be around you all the time, without the expectation of sexual intercourse. He craves conversations and companionship and asks YOU a lot of questions because he’s very interested in YOU.
  10. He lets you make the first move, in the physical department. He respects you and your space, he’s a gentleman and he seriously doesn’t mind waiting because he’s simply really really into you.
  11. He cooks for you. He doesn’t expect you to cook for him.
  12. He’s open when it comes to discussing anything about his own life. He tells you about his goals, passions, and his opinions on everything from politics to religion.
  13. He lets you pick his clothes and he takes your advice when you tell him to cut his hair a certain way.
  14. He’s excited to meet your friends and family. He wants to see your social circle and observes your actions/reactions like a hawk.
  15. He holds your hand in public, opens the door for you, and does everything a gentleman should. He abides by the standard rules of dating a lady. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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