33 Reasons My Dad Is My First Love

Flickr / k100dave
Flickr / k100dave

1. He is probably my first kiss. I just don’t remember it.

2. He knew nothing about changing diapers, but he did his best just for me to stop crying.

3. He carried me on his shoulders when I was tired of walking or when I just wanted a better view of the world.

4. When my hands were still too small, he gave me two of his fingers so I had something to hold on to.

5. He built me a home and kept me safe.

6. When my mom scolded me and I cried, my dad was there to make me feel that someone was on my side.

7. He carried my two sisters and I at the same time when we were younger. I saw him as a superhero, and I still believe it today.

8. He rode kiddie rides with me even though he almost couldn’t fit.

9. He drove me to school, to the mall, and to my friend’s house, until I learned how to drive myself.

10. He made me a fan of Michael Jackson. And since then, I believed everything he liked was awesome.

11. He showed me what true love really meant by the way he loved my mom.

12. When I started shopping, he made sure to make me feel that I was most beautiful when I chose pastel-colored dresses over miniskirts and fishnets.

13. And if I took hours inside the dressing room, he patiently waited for me by the couch. Then by the cashier.

14. He said the lamest jokes, but I knew our conversation wouldn’t be complete without them.

15. He taught me never to back down from a fight. He wanted me to learn how to stand up for myself in case he wasn’t around.

16. When I started crushing on Zac Efron, he kept on insisting he was more handsome than Zac was, even though I didn’t believe it.

17. When I graduated with honors, he said he was never proud of himself more than he was ever proud of me.

18. He taught me lessons about life that I can never learn from anyone else.

19. He wrote me hand-written letters that said I would always be his girl, and they always made me cry.

20. He saved all his money, not to buy luxury cars or watches, but to bring me to the places I wanted to go to.

21. I saw the heartbreak in his eyes before I left the house for my first date.

22. Then waited for me until I came home.

23. He is my real-life Chuck Bass who would travel to a different country just to get my favorites macaroons. Or in my case, shoes.

24. He was my Kanye West and I was his North, who can be an asshole to everyone, but a gentleman to his daughter.

25. He never smiled at any guy I dated. He believes no guy will ever be good enough because no one will love me more than he does.

26. And I believe so too.

27. He never understood the fuss about makeup, but he still supports me anyway.

28. I always told my mom my stories first. But whenever I talked, my dad would always make sure he was eavesdropping.

29. I was 18 when I realized my dad’s flaws. He wasn’t perfect, but never did I love him any less.

30. When I came home crying and disappointed from a job interview I longed for, I’ve never seen him more furious because he knew I deserved the job. Rather than giving up, he kept me going and made me believe that I was meant for great things.

31. My dreams became more important than his.

32. He’ll let me go someday, and I’ll know it would break his heart everyday.

33. It’s true that you’ll never forget your first love, because my first love is my dad. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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