35 Mistakes You’ll Make In Your Twenties Without Even Realizing It


1. You will reject good character in people just because it’s not wrapped in your ideal set of physical traits.

2. You’ll pretend you don’t care that the guy you’re in love with is not reciprocating your feelings, because you think being tough is wiser than being honest.

3. You’ll allow people to dictate you how to be, what to choose, and mostly what expectations to have from yourself.

4. You’ll harvest unhealthy obsessions. With diets, crushes, exes, and your job.

5. You’ll forget to eat because you think you have so much more to do than eating and any given work email is far more important than keeping yourself healthy.

6. You’ll avoid drinking plenty of water.

7. You’ll allow yourself to get pulled into toxic friendships and relationships, because you’re not yet sure of their mechanisms.

8. You’ll pretend your depression is not the reason you avoid everyone you know.

9. You’ll invent labels for almost relationships, just so that they become more bearable and “real”.

10. You’ll say yes when you actually want to say no.

11. You’ll have unprotected sex.

12. You’ll drink way too much than you can take.

13. You’ll defy your parents still, because you can’t stand their proximity in your ‘adult’ life.

14. You’ll play more games in love than you should.

15. You’ll stress only so much on things that are way out of your control.

16. You’ll procrastinate your life away, thinking you have time in your 30s.

17. You’ll abandon people you shouldn’t, just because they don’t feel familiar any more.

18. You’ll mismatch abusive relationships for love.

19. You’ll always think you have time.

20. You will break people’s hearts to get vengeance on the ex who broke yours.

21. You’ll lash out at that best friend who got married and ‘abandoned you’.

22. You will be very, very, self centered.

23. You will be jealous at others for their courage, relationships, careers. You will let it consume you.

24. You’ll let people take advantage of you.

25. You’ll refuse to apologise, even when it eats you up inside, because you’re too proud now to understand sorry can save a lot of trouble.

26. You’ll take back shitty exes, because your zodiac pointed out once that you have the tendency to rekindle with old flames throughout your life.

27. You will refuse to accept help because it makes you feel weak.

28. You will cheat, and lie, sometimes for the sake of the experiment.

29. You will set too many unrealistic goals.

30. You will refuse to accept advice from your peers, especially if it’s spiritual or new age.

31. You will get lured into thinking drugs are not addictive.

32. You will lose interest quickly for everything that’s not going your way.

33. You will think you’re unimportant or good enough just because your social media profiles don’t attract the same volume of Likes as those of Instagram celebrities.

34. You will go after people who treated you like shit, because you’ll still feel it’s your job to fix them.

35. You’ll give your phone number away to people who won’t deserve it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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