30 People Share The Most WTF Things The Company They Work For Would Never Want Customers To Know


This hospital will let you die if their lung transplant goes bad.

If you have a lung transplant at my hospital and it goes poorly, they will keep you alive, by ANY means necessary until your one year date to keep up their statistics. Then the day after they will inform the family there is nothing they can do, then let you die. It’s horrible to watch.

This hotel stores all your info and it’s available to all their employees.

I used to work at a 4 star hotel. Every guest’s credit card info was stored in plain text in our database WITH their full name, home address, email and the CC’s security code. ANY employee who had access to either the office or reception computer could copy it down. It would have been easy as hell to copy down all this info, quit, wait a few months and engage in some serious CC fraud. Especially working the nightshift when I’d literally be in the only employee in the entire hotel so I wouldn’t have to have worried about being caught copying down information.

6 things you didn’t know about working as a radio DJ.

I work at a radio station. Here are some fun facts:

-The DJs you hear are rarely live. They voice track hours ahead of time so they can go to their other jobs.

-Unless you’re an enormously popular DJ, you’ll barely make enough money to feed yourself, hence the other jobs.

-A lot of the voice tracks you hear are likely from other markets. If a station is too cheap to hire more on-air talent, they’ll have someone from another market go over your playlist and voice track. So, if you’re in Townsville, Kansas, the DJ you hear introducing that Luke Bryan song coming up may be a hip-hop DJ from New Jersey making a little extra scratch.

-If a DJ is live, s/he is most likely out doing a remote broadcast. If you see a DJ on the phone at an event, they’re probably speaking with an operator back at the station. If you want to mess with them, wait until they start talking like they’re on the air, then yell obscenities or whatever you’re compelled to do. Even if they have a delay back in the studio, chances are the board op is an intern who’s not paying enough attention to black you out in time.

-When a DJ says the next track is by request, they’re lying 99% of the time. We just make up names to make it sound like we’re engaged with the audience. The request line is often just put on hold so that callers think we’re being slammed with calls and not just ignoring them. Every market I’ve worked in has done this. Every. Market.

-The playlist for the day is determined at the national level and then distributed to every market. And yes, it’s the same two dozen songs you’re tired of hearing all day just shuffled up. Even locally owned, private stations use national music services to do this for them.

Oh boy, could I go on…

This redditor is alleging that University of Phoenix is pretty much a total sham.

University of Phoenix Admissions Rep and former UoP Instructor—

You don’t have a GED? No problem, my boss knows a guy that can get you a GED in three days for $100. No test needed.

You are worried about tuition costs? No worries, we will get you all the “grants” and loans you need. Deferrment is a wonderful idea.

You need cash now? No problem! I can make it so you can a few extra thousand dollars from your student aid by misrepresenting your income, dependents, and ethnicity.

Scared that college will be hard and time consuming? Nope, for $100/class, I can give you an email address to someone who will log in as you, post discussions, do your assignments, with a minimum of a “B” grade.

Failing a class and scared about getting expelled? Tell the dean of the school that your instructor told an off-color joke about racism, sexism, or rape. Automatic A!

Concerned about finding a job after graduation? No problem, we have several outbound call centers that cannot wait to hire you so you can call people to collect money from them.

Don’t want to work at a call center? As I have been told by dozens and dozens of recruiters, if you mention that you have a degree from any for-profit school (UoP, Kaplan, DeVry, etc…), your resume gets thrown away.

Think the government will shut us down? HA!!! University of Phoenix spends MILLIONS of dollars to lobby senators and representatives to not look our way, instead shut down the smaller colleges (Corinthian is the latest victim.)

Nightmare Wal-Mart in California.

A Wal-Mart in the Inland-Empire area of southern California. I’m using a throwaway because as much as I hate it, I actually do need this job.

  • Hazardous waste disposal bins are located 1 foot away from a rack used to store food products. This is not an exaggeration.
  • Televisions and other sensitive, high-value electronics are often dropped on the ground. No inspection is ever made to see if the product is damaged.
  • Employees are forced to use an unsecured 2′ wide metal ramp to unload trucks because the store refuses to pay to have the docking ramps repaired. Several injuries and close-calls have already happened.
  • Employees often do not report serious injuries for fear of management retaliation.
  • There is a cockroach infestation near and in the food-storage coolers.
  • An alarmingly large number of employees have had to go on medical leave because of severe reactions to insect/spider bites.

Jimmy Johns allegedly dyes their roast beef red.

The Roast Beef is not actually rare, it’s well done and dyed red.

Edit: It’s Jimmy Johns

Chain steakhouses use super low-quality steaks.

One of those steakhouses with the peanuts: our steaks are of a lower quality grade than the ones you get at the grocery store.

Producers note: This is disgusting!

Start-up with over $3M in funding actually has 0 customers.

That we actually have ZERO customers, that we burnt well over $3m of our investors money into a product that barely works and has no market potential.

Cable company ripping you off.

I used to work for a dish installing company for DirecTV. DirecTV would knowingly overbook appointments by the thousands of people that were just singing signing up and needed an installation. They would get your money, guarantee you the NFL ticket or whatever and then give you a date that was next week, knowing that the reality of the situation was no tech was coming for at least a month or two….

Source: It was my job to call and reschedule the appointment.

Don’t use third-party sites to book hotels — you could be without a room.

I was in hotels for ten years. Hotels consider a night perfect if they’re overbooked by 2-5 rooms. They count on no-shows to make up the difference, but they’re totally OK with you not having the room you reserved. Likewise, if you booked with a third party like Expedia or Hotels.com, you are not guaranteed anything and will be last in line for everything because you’re not considered a loyal customer.

Very true. Currently work in a hotel. Though it pisses off the front desk agents when we are overbooked.

LPT: If you’re concerned about a sold-out situation…

  1. Call the hotel earlier on the day of arrival to confirm all of the details about your reservation. Usually they’ll put a note on your reservation so you’re more likely to get your booked room/not be walked.
  2. If you see a lower rate on hotels.com/expedia, call the hotel. 9 times out of ten we will match or beat it. It saves us the headache of dealing with these companies.
  3. If faced with the choice of walking two identical reservations, except one joined the loyalty program and one didn’t, I’ll walk the one that didn’t every time.

A marketing company is selling an essentially free product for $380 — some are saying Yext.com.

You’re paying us to put your details in a form and click submit. A marketing company. One of our services is setting up a Google places account. We literally put their details into a form, click submit and they pay us $340.

One week later they’re on Google places.

Update One redditor says this is Yext’s ‘Advanced Local Citation Listings’ service.

Levis supposedly selling fake “oldest known Levis in existence” to rich dumbasses.

Used to work at the Levi’s flagship store in San Francisco. We had a pair of the ‘oldest known Levi’s in existence’ framed on the wall in the boutique, and every now and then some out-of-towner would come in boasting about how rich they were and how Levi’s represents the American dream, yada yada, and demand the rarest thing in the store as a memento. We were told to direct them to the torn up old jeans on the wall, and tell them they were from the 1880s and had been found in a barn in the early 20th century. They would then fork out 1500 bucks or so an be on their way with their fucked up jeans, and we would replace them with another copy from the store room.

Now that I think of it, Levi’s would probably like people to know about this, what with all the assimilated working class propaganda they use to sell their pants. Distraction from the more evil shit. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to a sweat shop, so those stories will have to be left to someone else.

Defense contractor wasting literal tons of money.

The amount of money I see wasted here is astounding. There’s a place called the “RPAT yard” where they shred/incinerate EVERYTHING in an effort to reduce US presence in Afghanistan. It doesn’t matter how expensive or re-usable it was, just destroy it so we don’t have to worry about sending it home or finding someone to sell it to.

MRAPs, for example, cost about $500,000 for a vanilla truck. There is an endless field of them on Bagram waiting to be shredded and sold for scrap. They weigh in at about 30,000lbs and are sold for ~93 cents/pound. Call it $30,000 of scrap metal, even though it’s probably a lot less.

I guess the customers are taxpayers.

Edit: from my understanding, most of it is being bought locally and then re-sold to China. I can’t find any corroborating sources, but that’s just what I’ve heard through the RPAT grapevine.

Also, shipping them all home would be my second-to-last option. I would sooner sell them to other governments at a discount. I made this argument to a lady I met doing cost-analysis here, and her response was “we wouldn’t want to give our tactical advantages to other countries,” which is an argument I’ve heard several times. The thing is, MRAPs are designed to be counter-IED. We don’t fight with those tactics, so what do we care if other governments have MRAP-type capabilities? In a conflict, it doesn’t much matter if it’s an MRAP or a bicycle, if we hit it with a SMAW, it’s not driving any more.

Your local concession stand could be selling you illegal hot dogs.

My old job occasionally involved us working in a concession stand. One time my boss came running downstairs and said “Guys! Put the hot dog machine in the laundry room! The health inspector is here! We only sell pop and candy!”

He gave us all an extra $20 from the cash box that day. I loved that job.

This magellans.com employee says they will “take any return,” but that also, they’ll be going out of business in a month.

You’ve used it for 6 years and it broke? Return it for a full refund! Except they’re going out of business in a month and for that last few weeks we’ve been told to avoid giving anyone their money back, just give them store credit that they’ll never get a chance to use.

What are they going to do, fire me a month early?

Terrible private security firm, OP alleges Securitas.

The branch I work for is so terrible at hiring/training the right people, that I’ve gone through 8 supervisors (was an interim myself for a while- at no extra pay), 3 branch managers, 4 scheduling managers, and currently the two people running the office are the two people who fitted me for my uniforms when I first started working for them 3 years ago.

We’ve had supervisors literally drive to people’s houses to continue a dispute with them in person, sneak into client property after hours to have extra-marital affairs, and clearly doctor important client books, costing probably thousands in fake overtime hours and the like.

It’s amazing to me that we still even have any clients.

All your recycling ends up in the dumpster.

We don’t recycle, even though we use recycling bins. My particular store has separate bins for customers plastics, but it all goes into one dumpster.

McDonalds will give you another one of anything for free.

Former McDonalds manager here. We will give you another one of everything, just about. Just complain that it “wasn’t up to standards” and we will replace it no questions asked. Fries, shakes, Big Macs, whatever. Just don’t be an asshole about it and we’ll give you another one.

What happens in rehab stays in rehab.

Someone died here when he was left alone. A person was supposed to be watching him at all times.

Hotel reservation people you’re on the phone with might not be wearing pants.

You think you are calling to speak to someone at the hotel directly. In reality, you have reached me, sitting at home in my PJ’s, watching Real Housewives on mute.

High school janitor instructed to throw away weapons and drugs without telling anyone.

We find weapons and drugs aaaallllllllllllll the time and are encouraged to just dispose and ignore and not report it.

I’m a High School custodian. It’s one of those swanky upper class sort of schools so we’re pretty much actively encouraged to ignore stuff like that.

Pizza Hut puts an entire cup of oil in every pizza.

Pizza Hut uses literally a cup of oil in all of their pan pizzas. There’s an oil sprayer device in the kitchen that sprays a cup of oil into the bottom of the pan before you put the frozen frisbee of dough in to thaw.

Consultant of some kind basically sells snake oil.

I’m an analyst and supposed to be an expert in my field. The reality is I don’t know shit and make up most of what I do. I’m starting to think all my coworkers are this way as well. We’re just professional bullshitters.

A company recently leaked their customers’ info and everything they said about it was false.

A few months ago the company I work for had a massive security breach and basically everything clients were told about it was false.

Most of the food at Applebees is microwaved?.

Most of the menu at Applebee’s I’ve cooked in the microwave.

Mark-up at IT company upward of 2000%.

The mark-ups on products tend to exceed 2000%

Edit: I.T. company

Tim Horton’s is not “fresh.”

I work at a popular coffee/donut chain in Canada called Tim Horton’s. Almost everything we serve in the restaurant comes from frozen. Soups, chili, donuts, muffins, chicken, steak, buns, croissants, and danishes. There is much more trust me. I just find it ironic that the place that prides itself in their “Always Fresh” motto, is anything but.

Think twice the next time you go in a department store for a makeover.

Makeup company: the counter girls at department stores sometimes work 8-hour shifts ringing up purchases, going to the bathroom, eating lunch, texting, and doing numerous makeovers for customers. Let’s just say a lot of those girls don’t believe in regular hand-washing.

Tl;dr scrub your face with Clorox after you go to the Clinique counter.

Your school teachers made fun of you.

Not really a company, and not really customers, but parents would almost certainly NOT be happy with the fact that yeah, we schoolteachers really do make fun of your kid in the staff room.

UK affordable housing — barely anyone’s eligible.

That about 85% of the registered applicants will not be eligible for our services in their life time.

Edit: Fuck it. UK affordable housing. And if by any chance you do, good luck getting to move into a suitable bigger property before you outgrow your needs yet again.

‘Sheltered properties’ are basically a broom closet managed mostly by people who hate their jobs.

All those ‘supporting doc.’ and evidence we sometimes ask you to send? Hardly any of them see the light of day. If you don’t send in all the docs it’s often a an excuse to close your application, and that’s pretty much the whole purpose of requesting further docs.

Demand far exceeds supply. I’ve also seen some case workers taking things a bit too personally and taking it out on the application and banding, especially if the applicant is a bit difficult.

If you have an especially large/ joint family, you’ll be on the list for decades. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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