18 Guys Explain What Scares Them The Most About Women

From the males over at r/askreddit. Not as misogynist as you’d think.
Khanh Hmoong
Khanh Hmoong

Their friends…

…A woman can be the best thing since sliced bread until she talks to her friends and gets the B.S rolling. I suppose this works both ways but to answer your question their friends.

Losing them…

…sounds kind of desperate but it’s true. Don’t want to scare them off or lose them to my awkwardness. Other than that, I don’t think I’m afraid of them at all.

“I’m afraid I’ll keep screwing up until it’s too late.”

Lost every opportunity I’ve had because of my shy awkwardness. I was just never good at intimacy, emotional expression, etc. so I just became very introverted and withdrawn. I’m afraid I’ll keep screwing up until it’s too late. I always hate hitting it off with a girl at a party and then being kind of swept under the rug. But best to just keep trying, amirite?

That one could totally ruin my life.

I could do everything right as I see it, but if she doesn’t see it that way, she can basically hit the stop button and take me to the cleaners. And there’s not a FUCKING thing in the world I can really do about it, based on the way our laws/courts are set up.

Not trying to pass judgement on whether or not its right… just saying that’s how it is

“Does this look fat on me?”

Having to make a decision when they tell you…

…’I don’t know, whatever you want.’

It’s a no-win situation.

“What are you thinking about?”

If one unrighteously deems you “creepy”…

…you’re downright fucked.


Whether they perceive me as a “creepy guy”. It’s completely irrational but for some reason I’m always worried that I don’t look too often or too long for fear that they’ll think I’m some scary stalker guy. Or if I run into them more then a few times in a day. Don’t know why, it’s just some bizarre phobia i guess…

“I’ll die alone”

That one of them will never fall in love with me and I’ll die alone…

“It scares the shit out of me.”

I have no idea what they are thinking. It scares the shit out of me.

From reddit user ohshush…

They have the power to change your mind instantly


“Feelings” and the importance of being able to be in tune with them. They are erratic and unpredictable. I don’t like them.

From reddit user fuckyeahmoment…

The fact that one of them loves me.

“I’m an insecure bastard”

The other guys that love beautiful women and my girls’ chemistry with other men, because I’m an insecure bastard. I’ve never had a problem with a girl cheating on me but I still worry when I have a girlfriend about their interactions with other men.

“Next thing I know it’s 3am and I’m scrubbing the walls.”

How they always have that one little sentence tucked away that will completely unravel me, like a damn nuclear launch code. We’ll get in a fight and no matter how rational, calm and self-assured I am at the beginning I will completely lose my shit because of that one little thing that she said. Next thing I know it’s 3am and I’m scrubbing the walls. I clean obsessively when I get mad.


They poop

“My female friends have meant more to me than my male friends.”

That I find it so easy to open up to them about my problems. Barely any of my guy friends know the shit I’m going through, yet maybe 3 or 4 of my female friends know everything about me. They’re easy to trust, but I know that one day, if I ever upset even one of them, they could ruin me, tell everyone my problems and they can use them against me. But I suppose, at the same time, it’s what makes me like women. They are kind and caring when they need to be, and they have been so goddamn loyal to me. Honestly I can say that my female friends have meant more to me than my male friends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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