10 Epic Videos That Show You How To Dance Like No One’s Watching

1. An EPIC basketball fan stealing the show on the Jumbotron, dancing like NOBODY is watching


I don’t know who this kid is, but before the night was over at this Boston Celtics game, a stadium full of people got an awesome performance from this enthusiastic legend. Inspired by Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” Jeremy Fry let loose, poured his heart into his moves, and absolutely killed it — all in front of thousands of strangers. There’s a lesson in Fry’s uninhibited energy, and maybe it’s that sometimes, what other people might think about you isn’t as important as taking the risk and GOING FOR IT.

2. An adorable group of Kenyan kids boogying down

This dancing troop in Kisii — a southwestern city of Kenya — performing for what seems like a group of cheering adults off-camera is a classic display of dancing ability and overall adorability. These guys can obviously rock any stage — regardless if anyone’s watching — looking effortlessly awesome while doing so.

3. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi dancing like a boss

[hulu id=z6lepaloel726dx5npco3g width=584]

When it comes to the dance floor, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi absolutely owns it. In this clip — her first dance on Dancing With The Stars with Russian pro Sasha Farber as her dancing companion — Snooki cha chas her way around the stage, wowing audience members and fans alike.

4. This time-lapse of woman teaching herself how to dance over a year


This woman teaching herself to dance in front of her webcam, alone, every day, for a year, is an awesome record of persistence, motivation, and hard work paying off. Dancing while no one’s watching, she becomes a self-taught pro and performs an amazing routine on day 365.

5. These 11-month-old twins jamming to their dad’s song


With over 17 million views, it seemed like the whole world ended up watching these two lil’ buddys dance to their daddy’s guitar, but at the time, it was just their parents. Clearly taking cues from each other (at around :34 one has stopped dancing, the other looks over, they synch up, and start dancing again), watching the twins’ candid delight at their father’s music is one of the best ways to start your day.

6. This 10-year-old girl’s amazingly fierce dance routine


This 10-year-old is certainly in front of a crowd, but she’s unquestionably dancing like no one’s watching. In fabulous style, Kaycee Rice has captured the attention of the internet at large with this awesome dance routine.

7. “Vogue Boy” performing to Madonna

This parents of this self-proclaimed “Vogue Boy” captured him proudly dancing to Madonna’s “Vogue” on a family vacation. Twenty years later, he posted it to Vimeo, and the rest is history.

8. Justin Bieber and friends dancing to “Call Me Maybe”


You may be over the song, but you can’t deny that it makes you want to dance — so much that Justin Bieber and his friends got in on the action.

9. Kate Upton teaching her friends how to Dougie at a Clippers game


Whatever your thoughts on Kate Upton are, you can’t deny that she knows how to Dougie like a champion. Even when all eyes are on her (if I was sitting anywhere near Kate Upton at a basketball game, I know I’d be stealing glances), Kate lets loose and teaches her friends how to Dougie.

10. The Harlem Shake “Best of” video


The Harlem Shake video phenomenon is basically opposite the idea of “dance when no one’s watching,” but it still manages to catch the spirit of the motto: dance to have fun and get the most out of life. This video of families to entire offices wins the internet for capturing a brief moment in internet time that asked all of us to dance like no one was watching, record it, and upload it to YouTube. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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