27 People Reveal The Most Bizarre Thing That Happened During Their University Lecture

image - Flickr / Seth Sawyers
image – Flickr / Seth Sawyers

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1. A guy at my college came into my morning class about 45 minutes late and looking pretty messed up from the night before. He proceeded to stumble to his desk and attempted to sit down. Instead he missed the desk, fell on the the floor and then threw up.


2. I have a professor that asks students who use laptops to move to the back of the room. Why you ask? Because of an incident he has since named “The Funnel of Doom.”

There was a student a few years ago who sat in the center of the room and proceeded to play Doom for the entirety of the lecture. Everyone behind him was not taking notes, they were watching this kid play Doom. He single-handily distracted 3/4 of a 100 student lecture. Hence, “The Funnel of Doom.”


3. I was in a CS class and a guy I didn’t recognize came in halfway through and sat down next to me. The professor was coding on his laptop, which was projecting on a screen in the front of the lecture hall.

All of a sudden, the guy stood up, pointed at the screen and exclaimed, “There’s a bug in the code! A bug!” The professor calmly stated, “Oh, he’s right. I missed a semicolon.” The guy then walked out of class and the professor just said, “Huh. I guess he came just to point out that one bug.”


4. Guy showed up to my chemistry lab shirtless. This was well after the PPE talk.


5. A kid in my class or up in the middle of a lecture and interrupted the professor and said, “How can everyone sit here with that beautiful sunset happening right now. I have to go watch it.” He gets up leaves all of his stuff then goes outside comes back 20 minutes later and tries to show the professor pictures of the sunset.

The professor couldn’t stop laughing. He also did many other strange things.


6. Our school has a very terrible and strange policy where the Freshman experience course has an “academic coach” who works as a partner with the lecturers. They are supposed to be present in the room and help students with homework, but in practice they just yell at students who slouch.

One student came in and the coach told him to remove his hat. The student said “fuck that” and just left.


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