23 Things You Didn’t Think About When You Said You Want To Live In The Harry Potter Universe

Amazon / Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets
Amazon / Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Found on r/AskReddit.

1. They have confirmed, empirical evidence for the existence of souls. The general public is perfectly OK with the destruction of the soul as a form of punishment.


2. You could never really be sure if you’ve ever been a victim of a memory charm.


3. Love Potions were handled way too lightly by the characters for the most part, which is strange because Rowling even explored the scarier parts of them with Merope and Tom Sr.

You’d think that, knowing how they can be abused that way, love potions would be very very very heavily restricted and regulated, or banned outright.

– Anonymous

4. If Hieronymus Bosch was a wizard, the people / demons in his paintings would be alive, and the tortures would be real.


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