17 Creepy Events That Led These People To Almost Believe In The Supernatural

Case 11.

I used to live in an old house that had an addition built on the back, and because of that, there was a glass 6-pane window in the kitchen, that opened up to the back room. One night, I was walking into the kitchen to get something, and looked through the window to the back door. On the other side of the back door, I could clearly see a white semi-transparent face– clearly distinguishable eyes, lips, shoulders, staring back at me from outside. I screamed bloody murder, seriously. Scariest shit ever, until I realized that when I screamed, it screamed. Stupid window reflections. Derp.

Case 12.

I was driving in the mountains in the winter near Kananaskis Alberta, and I was going around a turn at about 100 km/h, a heard a soft voice in the back of my head whisper, “Be careful,” and so for some reason I slowed down to about 50 km/h, and within about ten seconds I came around a second corner and saw a couple huge elk on the road, and 3 or four cars stopped to take pictures, I had to navigate slowly around the cars and the elk. Had I been going full speed I think I would have hit one of those huge elk head on and been messed up a bit..

Case 13.

The morning my dad died, I came home from the hospital and smoke detector was going off upstairs near my room. I went up to my room and it smelled like cigarette smoke (my dad was a heavy smoker; not cause of his death though). The smell quickly dissipated. I don’t know what to say about that experience, but I’d say it got me one step closer to believing there’s something after death.


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