17 Creepy Events That Led These People To Almost Believe In The Supernatural

image - Flickr / Cami Macaya Palma
image – Flickr / Cami Macaya Palma

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Case 1.

I had a dream of watching a man I didn’t recognize fall to his death on a job site. I don’t usually remember my dreams, and I almost never have bad dreams. This one stuck with me, and I told it to my family.

Two weeks later, I was working (laborer for a masonry company) on scaffold. I looked down and recognized the man from my dream. Just then I realized that I was the one that could die. I dropped the buckets of mud I was carrying and grabbed the edge of the scaffold just as some other guy bumped me off. I would have died if I fell.

I wrote about it a while back.

Whether or not the dream was a premonition, the dream saved my life. It’s always made me question if there is something supernatural out there. Also, by supernatural, I mean natural, but not yet understood.

Case 2.

When I was about 6 I had to let my dog outside when it was dark. Our garage had a motion light on it, and it reflected off of the storm door when I opened it. The reflection of the light from the swinging door projected a 6′ tall figure wearing a dingy looking dress (so it appeared) on the driveway, and because the door was moving that figure floated across the driveway. I couldn’t scream, and I was more scared than I had ever been so I ran upstairs and hid under my blankets.

The next day, around the same time, I let the dog out again and saw the same image. I was brave enough this time to try and think what was actually happening and realized it was the door’s reflection. I facepalmed.

I come back to this story whenever I hear someone talking about ghosts that open cupboards or turn on/off lights. Just take a second to rationally think of the natural cause.

Case 3.

There were two times, once when I saw a low flying UFO (most likely a prototype B3 bomber) when I lived near an air force base that was randomly shut down for a while. The other was this story a stripper told me. She came over to my apartment which my grandfather owned, and said she was getting freaked out by the building. She had always claimed that she had psychic powers and could hear the dead etc…we laughed at her.

My current roommate at the time was there the night the stripper started rambling this crazy story about a newlywed wife being murdered and buried at the bottom of a well with this part of the house being built on top of it. (The original building was an old school cafeteria and she mentioned that as well). While hearing this story, my roommate freaked out because his uncle told him a story about how my roommate’s great grandfather killed his first wife and buried her in a well.

Apparently he told this to his uncle as a child on his death bed? I laughed and said how this is all just silly etc. About two months later my grandfather showed up, and wanted to meet my roommate. Turns out my grandfather purchased the property from his great-grand father at a crazy low price and then turned the building into 3 separate apartments.

I remembered what the stripper said was thought wow thats just a weird coincidence. Years later my grandfather’s health started failing, so I and some other family members started looking after his rental properties. I got a call from a tenant saying a pipe froze etc. I got a propane torch, some solder, and went to investigate. Traced the pipe to the start of the problem under the house through this crazy small crawlspace. I set my torch down on the rim of some bricks, and noticed they were in a circle. Used my flashlight to look down and it was a stone well that someone poorly sealed up. Then I remembered the stripper, freaked out, left and called for a plumber to do the job.

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Case 4.

My brother had been in a very severe motorcycle accident. He had fallen 30 feet off of an overpass onto a sloping hill shattering his vertebrae, along with broken hips, leg, and damaged organs. We were sure he was not going to survive and made the E.R. our home while waiting to see if he would awaken from his coma.

After a while he did finally come to but was not as lucid as we had hoped, and was still drugged a bit. One day we came by and the nurse waved us on in to come and visit. she left and me and my father sat next to my brother.

He spoke to us in a raspy voice and asked “Where did the baby go?” My father and I were very confused as only the nurse had been in the room, but my brother was adamant that a woman carrying a baby in a basket had been standing over him. My father decides to walk over to the nurse and ask her if any women with infants had been visiting my brother. She looked puzzled and replied no, no one like that has been by. So My father being a spiritual man asks, “Ma’am, are you pregnant?” and this woman’s eyes widen and she pales as she stammers out that yes she is, and she had just found out about it two days ago; she had yet to tell anyone, even the father of the baby or her parents.

He also had claimed that when he had first awoken from his coma drifting in and out of consciousness he had seen children surrounding his bed, guarding him. I know it might be the opiates and morphine they had him on, but he believes to this day that something, angels or what have you were protecting him in his time of need. I’m not religious or a believer in most supernatural, but this shook me pretty hard when these events happened.

Case 5.

I’ve had two experiences. The first can be corroborated by 4 other people. The second, well, I could have just been hallucinating.

First story, it was my freshman year in college. I get in bed when I hear my roommate say “Uhh, look at the ceiling”. Six green, glowing hand prints are staggered across the ceiling like someone crawled over the ceiling.

They were huge hand prints too. We run out of the room and get our neighbors. We tell them we think we’re being haunted. We’re immediately called out as trying to trick them. We hit the lights and show them the hand prints. I go to turn the light back on once we’re done observing, 3 more hand prints are now on the wall. They’re continuing the “crawl” towards to light switch.

We’re freaked out at this point. We get wet cloths to remove the hand prints. And the washing seems to work. They’re gone once we’re done with wiping down the ceiling and walls. We discuss how weird it was then decide to see if the hand prints are still gone. Hit the lights again, and now all 9 hand prints are back, plus 6 more that now appeared on the ceiling above the bunk bed two of my friends were sitting on. We couldn’t get the hand prints to go away that night. We fell asleep in the room with the handprints there. I slept soundly through the night, which I also consider pretty odd considering the circumstances.

Second story, I’m 22 years old and home on winter break from college. I wake up in the middle of the night and see that someone is in my room. My eyes are adjusting to the darkness so I could make out it was a woman. I assume it’s my mom and ask her what she’s doing. I get no response.

Now I start getting very worried. I ask again, no response. My eyes keep adjusting to the darkness. It’s a woman in a white nightgown standing 3 to 4 feet from my bed. I keep looking at the figure. Now I notice that it’s a girl, maybe 14 years old, just standing there. I notice her eyes are fixed on me as she’s slowing rotating to her left and her head is cocked on her shoulder. Then I realize it’s as if she’s hanging from the ceiling and staring at me as she’s slowly rotating.

Yes, I know this sounds crazy and I was well aware of it at the time. I told myself this is a waking dream and it’s not happening at all. I made myself stay there and stare back at her knowing it would go away. I could do this for only about 5 more seconds (probably a lot less in reality, seemed like more), before I busted into my parents room in my boxers at 3 in the morning screaming about ghosts.

That’s right, a 22 year old wearing nothing but his boxers screaming to his parents that there are ghosts in his room. Of course, nothing was there once we went back to the room. This was most likely a waking dream. But man, I was staring at the figure for a long time telling myself it was all in my head. That figure still stayed there until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Case 6.

My Dad died of Stage 4 Alcoholism. I wasn’t there in the end, but everyone said how he suffered terribly in the last two days.

I was riding my bike on the first of those last two days far away from where he was. I saw a hobo walking on the wrong side of the bike trail, so I moved far left to give him space. When I looked at him, he smiled at me with these beautiful, blue, twinkling eyes, as if to say thank you for giving me space! and waved.

But it was more than that: Those eyes were my Dad’s eyes; that hobo was my Dad; I’m convinced he’d already left his body before the worst of his illness killed him. That wave to me was his wave goodbye.

Case 7.

I worked with a guy who was a twin. (I’ll call him “X”) One day, I see him at work, and he’s absolutely pale. I ask him what’s wrong, and he tells me he thinks he’s having an allergic reaction because if feels like his throat is swollen and he can’t breath. I tell him if he wants, I’ll take him to the hospital. He says “I might take you up on that. I feel like I’m going to pass out.” But after a bit, he’s feeling better, so we just go back to work. Next day, he’s off work. I ask a co-worker if X is sick, if he did have an allergic reaction. He says “No, X called in. X’s twin brother died yesterday.” And yes, before you ask, his twin brother had died of suffocation.

I don’t believe in the supernatural. But this was such an amazing coincidence, it really did put a shadow of doubt in my mind.

Case 8.

Once I went on vacation with my friend and her family, she has a large family so we had to share a pull out bed in the living room. We were up at night chatting, laughing and doing girly things you do at a sleepover when we decided to settle down and go to sleep. So we are laying there looking around getting comfortable when I happen to look at the dark hallway and see a silhouette of a man, but he was partially glowing around the edges of the silhouette. He was there for probably 30 seconds just standing there, then just like that it’s gone, I didn’t react but I was terrified, i didn’t say anything because maybe I was being dumb and making things up when I hear my friend whisper, ” did you see that man?” she called out for her uncle, he was upstairs in his room and he was the only man in the house at that time but he was sleeping, you can’t see any car lights going by the house because we were in the middle of the woods, so no chance of weird lighting. I was freaked out the rest of the vacation. There were a couple things that vacation that were really strange but that sticks out as the strangest.

Case 9.

A woman who was a close family friend was diagnosed with stomach cancer while pregnant with her son. This was almost 30 years ago so the only option was pretty much to terminate the pregnancy to allow treatment. She was a very devout catholic. She chose to forgo treatment until her child was born. After her child was born, she underwent surgery to try and remove some of the cancerous tissue. Upon opening her, doctors found so much cancerous tissue, they decided that she was terminal and closed her back up. She began praying asking God to at least allow her to raise her son and see him grow up safely. A later CT scan showed her completely free of cancer. About 20 years later her son went into the police academy and got married. Less then a year later she was diagnosed with cancer again and it spread at a ravaging pace until she died. On her death bed she recalled her prayer and said she was not sad to die, and that God had given her exactly what she asked for. Even thinking about this story still messes with me to this day…

Case 10.

When I was younger we would go ‘ghost hunting’. We never really expected to see anything, but Ohio is know to have a plethora of supposedly haunted venues.

One night we went out to a dilapidated old house that supposedly was haunted. We poked around a bit, and filmed while we were doing it. Nothing real exciting until we went to check out the locked up machine building out back. This is where it got freaky.

As we were walking out to it we noticed at least 10 do not enter signs posted, as well as just how well sealed the shop was. The doors were barred, chained, nailed, and welded shut. Instantly the temperature around us dropped, and we could see our breath. It was a 70 degree night in the height of summer. We all got this strange feeling of something ‘dark’ pushing us away from the shop. We proceeded to get the hell out of there.

Later, reviewing our footage we confirmed you could see our breath. You could see the instant it happened. All three people and the camera person stopped dead in their tracks at the exact same time.

I’ve been to a lot of ‘haunted’ places, and this is the only thing that’s made me a believer with first hand experience.

Case 11.

I used to live in an old house that had an addition built on the back, and because of that, there was a glass 6-pane window in the kitchen, that opened up to the back room. One night, I was walking into the kitchen to get something, and looked through the window to the back door. On the other side of the back door, I could clearly see a white semi-transparent face– clearly distinguishable eyes, lips, shoulders, staring back at me from outside. I screamed bloody murder, seriously. Scariest shit ever, until I realized that when I screamed, it screamed. Stupid window reflections. Derp.

Case 12.

I was driving in the mountains in the winter near Kananaskis Alberta, and I was going around a turn at about 100 km/h, a heard a soft voice in the back of my head whisper, “Be careful,” and so for some reason I slowed down to about 50 km/h, and within about ten seconds I came around a second corner and saw a couple huge elk on the road, and 3 or four cars stopped to take pictures, I had to navigate slowly around the cars and the elk. Had I been going full speed I think I would have hit one of those huge elk head on and been messed up a bit..

Case 13.

The morning my dad died, I came home from the hospital and smoke detector was going off upstairs near my room. I went up to my room and it smelled like cigarette smoke (my dad was a heavy smoker; not cause of his death though). The smell quickly dissipated. I don’t know what to say about that experience, but I’d say it got me one step closer to believing there’s something after death.

Case 14.

A few experiences.
Story 1: As teenagers I visited my best friend for a few days when she had to move away for a while. Having not seen each other for a while, we were staying up super late. I had my Ouija board with me, and rumor was the former tenant had been murdered. So it’s like 3am or later, and we’re getting tired and bored, not really asking the board serious questions anymore. Getting answers like “Yes. CA.” “Does CA stand for California?” “Yes. NA.” “Does NA stand for Nebraska?” When suddenly, “Yes. Tarnish a memory, tear my bones, carry my body.”
Me: “Uhh…did you spell that out, hon?” Friend: “No…did you?” Me: “No. So board, is the reason I’m not freaked out because of my “guardian angel” that I supposedly have?” Board: Yes. Friend: “Then what is it that I’m sensing?” Board: Dea–

And at that point she threw the piece away violently which made me scream which made her scream.

Story 2: I turned on my radio one night to make some noise while I got ready for bed since I was on edge. Went to brush my teeth and when I came back in the room the radio wasn’t playing. It was on, but no sound. I finally started hitting the volume button, and eventually began hearing noises that I have never heard before or since come from a radio. Slammed the off button and jumped into bed.

Story 3: My cousin in law calls my female family members The Coven. High high intuition runs in our family (often giving the impression we are psychic). One of my cousin’s kids has had tea with my dead grandfather, whom she has never met, and apparently pointed out details about him that no one ever told her. Same child started sobbing uncontrollably one night before bed insisting “Jeanie’s crying,” (my aunt). After unsuccessfully trying to calm her down, her mother calls my aunt to show the kid everything was fine, only to find out that my aunt had shut her hand in the oven and was, indeed, crying.

Same aunt had the dogs go wild at her house in the country one night, and as she stood out on the deck, she started hearing drum beats, calls like from Native Americans, and galloping horses. The sound came up from the valley and passed over the house.

I myself have experienced various premonitions, mostly minor in nature, like things that I saw and that actually happened a few seconds later.

Even with the frequency of weird situations in the family, I’m not necessarily a believer. I just grant the possibility that there’s something out there we can’t recreate or measure with instruments.

Case 15.

I was seven years old and my family was about to go on their weekly shopping trip. I was the last one out of the house (had to grab my Gameboy) and heard the most dark, demonic laughing I have ever heard to this day and booked it the fuck out of my house. I was afraid to be home alone for years. My fear of this house aroused again after I had moved away; my brother told me at night he heard furniture moving upstairs when nobody else was awake, in my old room nobody bothered going into anymore. He told me he played a playlist of Hank Williams to soothe the ghost’s soul.

Case 16.

Flies. Big Black Flies. Flies from Hell. Like I’ve never seen before or since. Hundreds of them appeared within about 30 seconds in the bedroom (I was visiting a bed-ridden friend). We start killing them. I’m swinging something, don’t remember what, but these things are so thick each swing is smacking half a dozen or more. No open windows, I immediately close the doors so they don’t get to the rest of the house. They are buzzing VERY loudly, and swirling up to the skylight. I stop swinging and try to get a handle of what is happening. I take ten seconds to estimate their number. I’m thinking thousands, and there is no doubt there are hundreds. But here is the freaky creepy part: after about 5 minutes of this, they start decreasing in intensity and numbers. 30 seconds after that, they are GONE. This bedroom is sealed up and 500 flies have vanished, we found maybe 3 bodies. My one and only experience that I just cannot explain at all.

Case 17.

The string theory. If we use that idea to explain ghosts, being a rip in the space time continuum when at that exact moment a person from another dimension appears and merges into our own for us to witness, it is a lot more interesting/scary than the dead coming back to haunt us. If we want to give them the labels of ghost, because our mind can not quantify the belief, that is fine, but we have to be open to these possibilities. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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