17 Creepy Events That Led These People To Almost Believe In The Supernatural

image - Flickr / Cami Macaya Palma
image – Flickr / Cami Macaya Palma

Found on r/AskReddit.

Case 1.

I had a dream of watching a man I didn’t recognize fall to his death on a job site. I don’t usually remember my dreams, and I almost never have bad dreams. This one stuck with me, and I told it to my family.

Two weeks later, I was working (laborer for a masonry company) on scaffold. I looked down and recognized the man from my dream. Just then I realized that I was the one that could die. I dropped the buckets of mud I was carrying and grabbed the edge of the scaffold just as some other guy bumped me off. I would have died if I fell.

I wrote about it a while back.

Whether or not the dream was a premonition, the dream saved my life. It’s always made me question if there is something supernatural out there. Also, by supernatural, I mean natural, but not yet understood.

Case 2.

When I was about 6 I had to let my dog outside when it was dark. Our garage had a motion light on it, and it reflected off of the storm door when I opened it. The reflection of the light from the swinging door projected a 6′ tall figure wearing a dingy looking dress (so it appeared) on the driveway, and because the door was moving that figure floated across the driveway. I couldn’t scream, and I was more scared than I had ever been so I ran upstairs and hid under my blankets.

The next day, around the same time, I let the dog out again and saw the same image. I was brave enough this time to try and think what was actually happening and realized it was the door’s reflection. I facepalmed.

I come back to this story whenever I hear someone talking about ghosts that open cupboards or turn on/off lights. Just take a second to rationally think of the natural cause.

Case 3.

There were two times, once when I saw a low flying UFO (most likely a prototype B3 bomber) when I lived near an air force base that was randomly shut down for a while. The other was this story a stripper told me. She came over to my apartment which my grandfather owned, and said she was getting freaked out by the building. She had always claimed that she had psychic powers and could hear the dead etc…we laughed at her.

My current roommate at the time was there the night the stripper started rambling this crazy story about a newlywed wife being murdered and buried at the bottom of a well with this part of the house being built on top of it. (The original building was an old school cafeteria and she mentioned that as well). While hearing this story, my roommate freaked out because his uncle told him a story about how my roommate’s great grandfather killed his first wife and buried her in a well.

Apparently he told this to his uncle as a child on his death bed? I laughed and said how this is all just silly etc. About two months later my grandfather showed up, and wanted to meet my roommate. Turns out my grandfather purchased the property from his great-grand father at a crazy low price and then turned the building into 3 separate apartments.

I remembered what the stripper said was thought wow thats just a weird coincidence. Years later my grandfather’s health started failing, so I and some other family members started looking after his rental properties. I got a call from a tenant saying a pipe froze etc. I got a propane torch, some solder, and went to investigate. Traced the pipe to the start of the problem under the house through this crazy small crawlspace. I set my torch down on the rim of some bricks, and noticed they were in a circle. Used my flashlight to look down and it was a stone well that someone poorly sealed up. Then I remembered the stripper, freaked out, left and called for a plumber to do the job.

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