31 People Talk About Scary Moments They’ve Experienced (And They’re Pretty Freaking Ridiculous)

Fear is a terribly fascinating thing. These men and women have experienced all kinds — deaths to ghosts to UFOs to the unexplainable. Read more on this Reddit thread.

1. Near death experience

When I was about 13, my parents and I took a trip to Yellowstone National Park.

While hiking a trail we heard a huge crash and a loud scream. “Watch out” were the words yelled out from someone not in sight on the trail ahead.

Hundreds of Buffalo appeared crashing through the trees coming towards us. Executing our natural flight response to this dismal turn of events we ran as fast as we could through the woods. I tripped at one point and will remember screaming out to my mother who was already there to help me out.

My father yelled to us to follow him as he started running up the hill on the other side of the path. Five seconds later we saw the herd of Buffalo passing us.
Turns out if you are ever being chased by a herd of Buffalo you should run uphill because the herd will naturally go downhill.

We went to a diner right after that for lunch and I ordered a Buffalo burger. Gave me a sense of victory.

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