24 Men Reveal The Stereotypes That Make Them Incredibly Angry

Guys get told these quite often: “You can lift this,” or “Suck it up, you’re a man,” or “Walk it off,” and some have heard, “We don’t feel safe with you hanging around our playground,” as if men are pedophiles. I understand where society comes from when they approach men and stereotype them to these “standards,” but as with stereotyping women (and minorities), it gets very frustrating. Found on r/AskMen.

1. Acts of kindness for sex

For me, my wife thinking that a lot of the nice things I do is so I can have sex with her. Like this morning, I opened the car door for her. She likes me to do it so I thought I would be nice and open it for her. And first thing out of her mouth is “You did that so you can have sex later, didn’t you?” Pisses me off. Apparently I’m not capable of just doing something nice because I want to.

I’ve talked to her about it and it’s getting better. It just really irks me.

2. Assuming is bad, m’kay?

Black guy here.

  • Can’t dance.
  • Can’t sing.
  • Can’t rap
  • Can’t play basketball
  • Am not hood.
  • Am not “Stephon Urk-el”

Someone please tell my co-worker that. It’s starting to get annoying.

3. But everyone LOVES tacos

I am Mexican.

  • I’ve never done any labor work.
  • I’m educated
  • I don’t know any drug dealers
  • English is my first language
  • I do love tacos, though
  • And I am pretty good at soccer

4. Rather be quiet than fill the air with bullshit

That I’m shy. I’m not shy, I just don’t have anything worth saying at the moment.

5. Male teachers are pedophiles

I am a certified male elementary teacher. I’ve been out of school for four years and am terrified to use my degree. I haven’t applied to a teaching job in two years because of how people in the system have made me few about being a male. I do not disclose my major on first dates anymore. I’m not creepy looking and I don’t have a violent bone in my body. I just think kids are hilarious and I would enjoy a job working with them. But apparently some people can’t look past my penis and just view me as a creep.

6. Gay men don’t need lisps

That I’m too “straight acting” to be gay. Umm sorry?

The fact that gay men are stereotyped as being feminine is bullshit. I didn’t realise I can’t be gay without acting the part. It pissed me off to no end!

I like being the one that breaks the stereotype, I like being the one that opens people’s conceited minds.

It just drives me crazy that I have to!

7. How is this a gay thing

Apparently being sensitive and in touch with my feelings makes my girlfriend say things like “I like dating you, it’s like always having a gay friend there whenever you need.”

No sweetie I’m not your gay boyfriend and I will never be. You started dating me because I was the first guy to treat you right, could you try a little to do the same?

8. “Well, you look Muslim, so you can’t be Irish”

Because my Da’s Pakistani and my Ma’s English, I can’t be Irish. It’s bizarre. People equate being white with being Irish.

Having to put all the deliveries away at work because men are physically stronger. Nothing that gets delivered is excessively heavy, and they even make a male co-worker with back problems lift this shit. No women have to.

Talking to a girl at a pub = I want to fuck them.

Even came across a woman who thinks: “Because you are Muslim, you have to have arranged marriages” and refused any explanations I gave her against that thought. I’m not even a fuckin’ Muslim any more, you muppet!

Ack well, that’s life so.

9. Looks physically fit, but is physically incapable

I’m 6’3″, broad-shouldered, overweight but don’t look fat: I don’t think of myself as big but have come to realize that to many people, I’m huge.

So I get asked to do things. All sorts of things. Put stranger’s bags in the overhead bin on an airplane. Push a car in a neutral. Help carry supplies. Paint a house.

I have chronic back pain and there are basic chores at home I can’t do for myself. As a result, I’ve also lost other things, like even my former arm strength.

It’s hard to fault people for thinking I could help, but it gets really old constantly having to confess in public that I’m physically incapable of doing what you ask.
It doesn’t make me feel manly and valued to society, that’s for damn sure.

After losing my hair and shaving the rest bald (and I’ve always sported a van dyke goatee), I get a lot of nervous backward glances from women on the street.

10. Wat.

My girlfriend is in the camp that all men are cheating assholes with very, very minor exceptions.

11. Stop judging meatheads

Because I enjoy working out and watch my diet I must be (select one or all of the above)

A – super vain

B – must not be confident in any other abilities I have

C – desperate to attract into girls

D – have no idea what actually turns girls on, thinking girls are just into muscles

12. She was surprised

It always surprises me when men who are super fit are with a woman who I would consider “chubby”. I mean, when I think about it, it makes sense; but it does always make me pause when I see it.

For example: there is a guy at my gym who did the full Murph work out in 34 minutes (insane). We had a big BBQ after and he was sitting with this cute, but mildly chubby, girl. I thought to myself “that must be his sister”…later he introduced her as his girlfriend. It both shamed me and warmed my heart!

13. I’m good at neither. I’ll kill you with Zerg rush

Being asian = shy, good at piano and maths.

14. Don’t watch baseball, don’t watch football, what can a man do?

I’m a man, so clearly I must know names of all the players on every football and baseball teams.

15. Always look on the bright side of life *whistles*

That smiling and being happy most of the time is a sign of an “empty” head, or lack of understanding how messed up the world is. Look, I’m just the guy that choose to look at the bright side. That’s all.

16. Racism sucks

As a bigger black guy, being watched/followed “discreetly” around most of the stores I visit by security (most likely because they think I’ll steal something) isn’t that fun. Oh, that and folks being surprised at me because I listen to waaay more than only hip-hop.

17. Uh, come again?

“If you’re from Africa, why aren’t you black?”

Being from Canada I just always say “why aren’t you native?” People who get it laugh at them, some look confused. I don’t speak to the confused really. I like cultured people.

18. Vegans

Everyone thinks I’m going to be offended by what they’re eating because I’m a vegan. I feel extremely strongly about my beliefs but I couldn’t give a shit what you’re eating. I have no interest in getting upset every single time someone eats meat or animal products etc.

People look at you like you’re from another planet when you tell them you’re a vegan. I’m actually just another normal person and I don’t hate you if you aren’t vegan.

19. Please stop

Wait, you listen to heavy metal? But you’re so relaxed and chill all the time.

What do you mean you don’t believe in God? So you really hate all Christians, huh?

Well, for one-heavy metal is the term I use to describe the music in layman’s terms, because honestly not many people know or are even interested in the difference between Thrash, Black, Speed, Death, Melodic Death, Viking, Symphonic, etc. The music just clicks with me. I don’t know, something about lyrics involving Vikings and battle and victory just seems cool to me. Doesn’t mean I actually want to ride a horse into battle where it’s honorable to be ceremoniously decapitated by the enemy.

And no, I don’t hate all Christians. I hate people who make broad presumptions about me without trying to understand my point of view. 85% of the U.S. is religious, and it’s probably a little higher than that in the area I live. My whole family is religious. I love my family. Most of my friends are religious. I love my friends. What I do think is that religion shouldn’t be accepted as law or even considered when making laws (don’t get me started on homosexuality because I’m going to throw the mixed fabric argument back at you). I think that morality has been commandeered and rebranded as religion, because it’s written in their book to not be an asshole to people.

No, I don’t hate everyone who has a different belief than me, and contrary to popular belief, metal is not malicious.

20. “Shitlord” is a funny term

Just because I’m indifferent to politics I am an anti-feminist shitlord who is basically Hitler and Putin morphed together.

That me (student) living at home at 22 means I’m an underachiever that got no goals in my life. I work out 6 days a week and I spend most of my time on hobbies that make me grow as a person. But apparently “Living at home” sets the standard for lazy.

21. Homeless people ain’t always druggies

That homeless people are just druggies. Fuck that. Saw a woman in a parking lot get all snobby with a homeless guy asking for a bag of dog food for his pup. My wife and I said fuck that and talked with the dude for a little bit and found out he was hungry as well and wanted food too. So we bought him a bag of dog food, bread, hard cheese, some meats, a canvas bag to carry it in, and a gallon of water. We slipped a ten in the bag for him. He was truly thankful for our kindness. He was overjoyed at the water because he hadn’t even asked for it, but it meant he and his dog could have water for a few days. He was a veteran down on his luck who had a positive attitude and believed in helping others. No act, just a genuine good guy who helped other folks even when he didn’t have anything but his ruck and pup.

22. Maybe they just wanted to include you in things

“This is heavy. You’re a man, come lift it.”

23. “You talk like you educated”

Because of my job and interests people assume I’m from an upper middle class family and share their views, which are a direct result of their privileged upbringing that I was not privy to.

24. Choke them out!

That because I’m from a big city I don’t know how to do hard, manual labor. I moved to a small city in Kansas and want to choke almost everyone “country boy/girl” I’ve met. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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