17 Frightening Stories Of Abandoned Hospitals And Asylums As Told By Urban Explorers And Security Guards

9. Exploring an abandoned manufacturing plant

Broke into an abandoned manufacturing plant in highschool with a friend. The first floor was aisles with large shelves on either side, about six foot aisles, and you could only see between the aisles through slits in the shelves, so your view of everything was really limited.

At the end of the aisles there was a staircase that went up to a second floor. The floor was mostly rotted through so moving around up there was dangerous, but we were small and 17, so we checked it out anyway. We found a bunch of old rusted out tools and the like but nothing too interesting.

We were up there probably 20 minutes when my buddy yelled over to me that he saw something move downstairs. We assumed we were busted so we snuck back to the staircase. We didn’t see anything moving around downstairs after a couple minutes, so we went down.

When we reached the bottom, we saw someone/thing sprint at the other end of the aisles to the north most aisle, where the window we broke in from was. We moved towards the south end slowly, watching for movement. Eventually we saw something move on the stair side of the north most aisle and we bolted for it, got out, got in the car, drove away.

Still have no idea what the fuck it was. You’d think a person would have some sort of light.

10. At a mental hospital

A friend of mine was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and was so upset over it that she made a suicide attempt. She landed in the mental health wing of the big hospital, and I went to visit her one evening. Had a hell of a time finding the right place and felt like I’d walked through miles of increasingly decrepit hospital before I found the right wing. Went through a set of double doors and found myself staring down a dimly lit hallway with an incredibly creepy, weathered-looking old lady in a housecoat standing right in the middle of it.

I walked down the hallway nervously, not taking my eyes off of the old woman. She didn’t take her eyes off me, either. I flinched as I walked by her, but she didn’t move. Ten feet beyond her was the doorway to the waiting room of the ward I was looking for. I breathed a sigh of relief as I reached the doors, then glanced over my shoulder to see if the woman had moved.

She was right behind me, staring into my face. I don’t know how she managed to silently cover that ten feet just as fast as I had moved, but she did.

11. Lived in a haunted house

Hopefully this doesn’t get buried. When I was in school we lived in a town called Byron, CA. We lived in a house that I believe was haunted. The room that was in the back of the house I shared with my brother and we had a dog and a cat that WOULD NOT under any circumstance enter that room. On occasion there would be glass marbles that would come rolling down the hallway (wood floors) when nobody would be in our bedroom.

One day we walked into the barn that we had and there was a four point tire iron that was bent into the shape of a swastika and was standing straight up. We found a hole that was approximately 4 feet deep and 5 feet by five feet across. Stacked up next to the hole was a few bags of lime. We had a fenced off yard that had a couple weeping willows growing inside of it. (yard perimeter was about 40 x 40 yards.) More often than not the trees would be moving like there was a strong wind blowing through, however, none of the other trees in the area would be moving and you wouldn’t feel the wind if you were outside the fence line. My mom had a cigarette case that she would always keep two packs of cigs and her lighter in. Every so often she would find the case in obscure places. One time it was the silverware drawer, one time it was in the barbecue pit.

Finally when we decided to move my mom hung up a picture that had a few religious scenes depicted in it. The main focus was the face of Jesus, There was the three wise men crossing the desert, The coming of the Messiah, etc. She hung it up the day that we started staying at my Grandma’s house and were still in the process of moving stuff out of the house and into storage. We came back the next day and found scratched in a few places on the picture. There was a puncture right under Christ’s right eye and just general damage to the picture itself. We changed the locks when we moved in, all the doors were locked, none of the windows were broken, and nothing else was missing or disturbed.

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