17 Frightening Stories Of Abandoned Hospitals And Asylums As Told By Urban Explorers And Security Guards

14. While out delivering pizza

Wasn’t at a haunted house or anything, but it happened while I was delivering pizzas.

I have no belief in the paranormal nor any spirituality for that matter. Anyways, I was delivering pizzas because I work for a pizza chain. It was about 9:00 at night with almost a full moon out, it was dark but I could still see a good 20 feet in any direction. So I bring the pizza to the door everything goes normally and I start to head back to my car. At about that time I hear a noise like the plastic wheels of a big wheel or something of that nature going down the road a good fifty feet from me. My first thought was “Why would a parent let their child play outside this late?”

As I look over all I see is a faint orange light above where I hear this noise. Not thinking too much of it, I get in my car and back out of the driveway, as my headlights reach where the light is I see the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life. There is like this midget thing just staring off into the woods. The best way I can describe it is it was like it was made of scribbles. Like a moving drawing of sorts but the lines were really jumpy and weren’t contained. I had my headlights on this thing for about 5 seconds before it notices me. As soon as it notices my car, it makes an all out sprint to where I’m sitting. I sat there frozen as this thing sprints at me, It gets about a foot to my car and then disappears. As soon as it disappeared my car died and my headlights cut out. I sat there for a good thirty seconds with my heart racing just waiting for something to happen, my headlights came on after about a minute and I didn’t see anything there. I turned my car back on and noped the fuck out of there. This is the first time I’ve told this story and still have absolutely no idea what it was. I am a firm skeptic but this baffles me

15. Creepy, creepy moments

The phone connected to nothing
My mom and dad moved in to a small house, old, 1940/50’s something. Back in those days they had 1 phone in a house and it was usually in a central location so they had a thing called a Phone Niche, a small shelf or pedestal built into the hall or wall near the center of the house somewhere.

Anyway my mom, dad and my older sister (I was not yet born) moved in to this old creepy house and it had one of those and on it sat an old fashion antique phone. The phone itself wasn’t actually connected to anything. You could pick up the entire unit and carry it around so there was no phantom connection under the phone or anything but every once in a while if you picked it up you could hear a dial tone. My mom swore to my dad, if that fucking phone ever rang, they were moving out.

Creepy Rackley house
This is why me and my sister called it for the fact that our landlords were Mr and Miss Rackley. Mr Rackley was a nice old man, Miss Rackley was a vindictive witch who hated people being in “her” house. I don’t recall the specific reason that Mr Rackley was renting it out but IIRC it had something to do with medical bills they needed money to pay for. You see, Miss Rackley was pretty sick. I don’t remember with what.

Anyway, at some point after moving in Miss Rackley bit the dust and Mr Rackley continued to live in his apartment and let us rent the house. That’s when shit started getting crazy.

My mom would be laying in bed when she’d hear someone open the deadbolt on the front door, walk in through the house, and sit in bed with her. She’d turn over expecting to see my dad back from work and only see nothing. No one, she’d get up and the front door would be wide open.

So someone was unlocking the door, walking through the house and sitting next to her in bed, yet no one was there. This happened a few times.

My mom started having dreams of walking into the kitchen and seeing Miss Rackley. She’d be covered in blood and she’d point at my mom and scream at the top of her lungs GET OUT!!!*

Now I was a very little guy at the time but I saw a few things like things standing at the end of my bed and my sisters saw the same thing from time to time but being little we didn’t understand that we were seeing something only that there was something there and it scared the crap out of us.

One morning I woke up from a fairly uneventful night, walked into the back yard to find the entire back yard absolutely covered in bones. I don’t mean there was a few bones back there, I mean the entire back yard was fucking blanketed in cow bones, cat bones, dog bones. I don’t think we saw any human bones but I don’t think my parents checked too hard.

Before this I had uncovered 1 cow skull once while digging in the garden. Never saw this amount of skeletal remains before in my life and at 32 I haven’t seen it since with the possible exception of that crazy church made out of bones in France or something.

Needless to say, we moved… but things didn’t get better.

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