25 People Describe What They Thought Was Common Knowledge, But Actually Wasn’t

People continue to surprise me. Maybe they didn’t pay attention in class. Maybe they just don’t care. Who knows? But it sure is embarrassing. Check out here on this Reddit post.

1. Monopoly makes more sense now

That properties in monopoly go up for auction if the person who landed on it doesn’t want to or can’t afford to buy it.

2. People who don’t do this are assholes

That using your blinker while driving a motor vehicle is helpful to indicate to other drivers where your dumb ass may be going.

3. Organic cream cheese and organic bacon butter served by an organic bear

That something being “organic” doesn’t mean it is extremely healthy.

4. Like pills

That generic products are generally made in the same factory as the name brand.

5. Fingers have tendons

That your fingers do not have muscles!

6. IT’s go-to fix

Restarting devices solves 95% of problems.

7. “All infants and porpoises”

It’s “all intents and purposes”. NOT “all intensive purposes”.

8. It’s not magic

I thought that everyone knew that Ctrl+Shift+T opened a previously closed tab on your web browser, people were shocked when I told them!

9. Does not work with Magic Mouse

The middle click function with opening links in new tabs. I’ve been using it hundreds if not thousands of times per day on reddit and everywhere.

10. What

That ponies aren’t baby horses.

11. Ferrous blood

That deoxygenated blood isn’t blue. I have heard numerous professors and even doctors make this mistake.

12. I thought everyone knew that

Reindeer are real.

13. Seriously?

That in order for an aspirin to help ‘save your life’ while having a heart attack, you need to chew it.

14. Well people are pretty dumb

Evolution and natural selection aren’t the same thing.

Oh, and that evolution is real.

Oh, and that humans didn’t come from monkeys, but shared a common ancestor.

That most people don’t have a fucking clue what “common ancestor” means.

15. Actually, do this and download more RAM

Deleting system32 is bad.

16. They probably thought Darkar was Drakkar Noir spelled wrong

I mentioned the country Senegal around a group of about 10 friends, these are 10 reasonably intelligent people and absolutely none of them had heard of it before.

17. A joke on Twitter

The earth is not 2014 years old.

The US is not 2014 years old.

I am surprised how many times i have heard people say this.

18. Don’t be a skeptic

Most bosses in Zelda take some multiple of 3 hits. Like almost every single one with very few exceptions. Be it 9 hits, 15 hits, 6 hits.

I was remarking about this to a group of friends and they all thought I was crazy until we tried it and it never failed.

19. Unicorns of the sea!

That narwhals are a thing. In my 10th grade biology class of about 30 people, only 3 people (myself, the teacher, and one other student) knew this. The whole class was convinced that they were nonexistent, and thought that the teacher was fucking with us, even after he tried to show them proof online. Since then I’ve encountered others that don’t know they are real.

I mean, it isn’t a subject that comes up often, but holy shit how do people not know that they are real?

20. The P is silent, like when you say penis

There is a P in pterodactyl. Had this card come up during a cards against humanity game and nobody knew what it said.

21. If you use Apple products, it’s Apple + W

Alt + F4 shows hidden content on the page you’re currently on. Surprised that so many people don’t know about that.

22. The fact that people think plants aren’t alive is shocking to me

That plants are indeed, fucking alive. My friend was in a botany class and the teachers took a random poll to see how many people thought plants were alive or not. They were barely better than the national average.

23. There is no such thing

Private browsing.


That at fancy restaurants, they’ll give you a light or dark cloth napkin depending on what you’re wearing.

25. It’s not that arcade game

Area 51 is a real place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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