36 Hosts Reveal The Most Disrespectful Thing A Guest Has Done At Their Home

14. We were drunk

My friend was throwing a kegger for her 21st bday in her college apartment. It was a decent sized place, so we had a fair amount of people. I’m hanging in the kitchen, next to the keg, talking with some friends, when a kid walks into the apartment with two empty pitchers, proceeds to fill them with beer from the keg, and walks right out of the apartment. Me and a friend who were talking kind of gave a “did that just fucking happen?” look, and exit the apartment to see the kid walking into the apartment across the hall. I get the bday girls attention and ask if she knows her neighbors, and tell her what happened. Commence drunk white girl shitstorm. Never had I heard the phrase “ON MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY” yelled so much. Eventually the kids apologized and coughed up $40 as a way to say sorry.

Fucking Freshmen

15. I hope that friend’s ass was kicked

I had a friend that stole my grandpa’s pain medication while my friend was living with us rent-free. We’re no longer friends.

16. What the fuck is wrong with people

This isn’t gross like some of the others but my flatmate has a guest staying with us and yesterday he came into the living room where I was watching a tv show, sat down, and then asked me to turn down the tv so he could make a phone call!

17. Goddammit, mom!

Right after my wife and I brought our newborn home from the hospital, my parents decided to randomly show up the next day. No phone call to see if we were up to receiving guests or to announce they were coming over.

My wife was breastfeeding at the time, and the little one was having some issues latching on. Sometimes it’d take half an hour for her to latch, others, forty-five minutes plus – then she’d eat for just as long; the kid was on her tits all day back then.

My parents pulled into our driveway just as our daughter was starting to latch well. I tried telling them about the situation, but they weren’t hearing it. They came in, sat down, and did not acknowledge my wife. Not a single word spoken to her, no “hey” or even a “kiss my ass”. They sat in silence for an hour as the baby fed. They eventually got tired with waiting and left in a huff.

A few days later, I got a call from my mother accusing my wife of keeping the baby from her and my dad, telling me “she only put the baby on her boob to keep us from seeing her”. When I called her out on showing up to my home without warning, or to even see if we were up for company she shot back “I’m your mama. I shouldn’t have to call before I come over. To have my own child tell me I have to call before I go see him; I’ve never in my life felt so disrespected as I do right now.”

My dad felt the same way.

We’ve barely spoken for a year.



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