36 Hosts Reveal The Most Disrespectful Thing A Guest Has Done At Their Home

35. Oh my goodness gracious

I invited a friend and her husband over to the pool in my apartment complex. There were two attractive girls in the pool with us, we’re all just drinking beer and having a good time. My friends husband went inside to “use my bathroom.” 45 minutes later, we were wondering where he was and decided to go inside. Walked in on him jerking off to Latina mother-daughter porn on my boyfriends computer. Yes.

36. Yes, I hate this too

The one that pisses me off the most is sneaking food from me. JUST FUCKING ASK. If I say yes, go for it. Normally I don’t mind and will even offer your some food. But if I say no, it means fucking NO. It’s infuriating when people aren’t even fucking subtle about it.

“Oh that awesome expensive chocolate your boss got you? lol I opened it and ate half of it. Oh, and i also ate the rest of your cookies and put the empty container back in your cabinet. LOL”

But the WORST part about it all is when you go over to their house and they won’t even let you have so much as a fucking handful of animal crackers, even though EVERY fucking time they come to your house you let the have some of your food or buy them a bit of fast food. TC mark



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