36 Hosts Reveal The Most Disrespectful Thing A Guest Has Done At Their Home

33. Fucking rude

I lived in a big shared house for a few years, there were 6 of us living there and it was pretty relaxed, but there were a few house rules, really basic: You make a mess, you clean it up. No smoking in the house, you’re responsible for your guests and your own washing up. That was pretty much it.

So I’m chilling in my room one night up on the first floor (second floor for Americans), it’s probably about 1am and I’m just thinking about heading to bed when I realise I can smell… cigarette smoke. Now, a couple of us in the house smoked at the time, but we always went outside and would sit on the front step, have a chat and a cup of tea and so on. I hear the front door open and close and decide to investigate.
So I open my door and head downstairs and the smell gets stronger. Our basement was the full floor-size of the house and was our shared kitchen and living room area, I gathered another housemate on the ground floor and headed down into the basement as the smell got stronger.

Our newest housemate had invited some friends over for drinks. They had, it seemed, finished drinking and rolled out somewhere else for the night.

It must have been frustrating for them, us being a no-smoking household and there being no ashtrays. This was evidenced by the cigarette butts stubbed out on our counters. Just left there.

We raged and new housemate did not stay much longer.

34. Just out of nowhere?

My ex’s friend called me a “default rapist” because I am a man.

Women like her make feminism look bad.



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