36 Hosts Reveal The Most Disrespectful Thing A Guest Has Done At Their Home

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been rather fortunate with having guests over. Well, except that one time in elementary school, I had my friends over and this one kid that I’m not too friendly with. His name is Isaac. He found out I had both Pokemon Red and Blue. He ended up pocketing the Blue version, faked a phone call to his parents, then ran out the door without any of us knowing what had happened until hours later. Thanks you fucking asshole. You stole my brother’s favorite video game. Read more stuff like this on this Reddit thread.

1. Not how we fight cancer around here

I was throwing a get well soon party for a friend who developed testicular cancer, and a drunk guest thought it would be hilarious to punch a guy with testicular cancer in the balls.

Yeah….that wasn’t funny at all

2. Not a friend anymore

Caught a former buddy sitting across the room from my sleeping gf, fapping.

3. What a prick

Had our brother in law over to do some work on the plumbing. He is very handy and a skilled contractor but his career has been derailed by drinking (4 dui’s in 3 years). Anywho, he heads down to the basement and after about an hour he comes up and tells us he is done and heads on out. We paid him before the job, and after he left we went downstairs to check his work. Not only did he not do anything, but he drank 3 bottles of wine we had been saving for our anniversary that were pretty much irreplaceable. Did I mention he was 35 years old and my wife’s brother?

4. Not very friendly

Someone stole my wife’s camera at a party. It was a big party, but we knew all of the guests. One of our friends is a thief. Losing the camera hurt less than finding out we couldn’t trust our friends.


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