23 Girly Things Guys Won’t Admit To Doing In Real Life

A lot of guys have the macho image, you know, because society demands it. Anyone who looks weak is immediately a goddamn pussy. That’s how it works, right? Well, apparently, a bunch of guys get in touch with their feminine side on Reddit and it’s the goddamn cutest fucking thing ever. Yo, don’t judge me for getting my eyebrows waxed, you uncivilized sucker!
image - Flickr / Janet Ramsden
image – Flickr / Janet Ramsden

1. I don’t giggle, but I do go into a fetal position

Getting excited and giggly when a crush texts me back.

2. Remember LiveJournal? Would it have been as popular if it was called LiveDiary? I don’t think so

I have a diary, but I call it a journal so I feel better about it.

3. “And naked ladies are the best bath accessories ever”

Baths are the shit. Bubbles, epsom salt, candles, music, booze, and baths. Baths. Yes…They’re great.

Now I just need a bigger bath tub for my tall ass.

4. Hehehe

I prefer to be little spoon.

5. You know, just in case

I sit down when I pee.

6. I have my girlfriend groom me

I fix my eyebrows. They can get annoying, you know, when they start wanting to become one.

7. Mr. And Mrs. Anonymous XoXoXo

I love to sit and dream about marriage. I can’t wait. How beautiful it will be and I can’t wait to have a little baby girl. Maybe not the girliest thing, but I am 19 and that certainly is not the norm.

8. People give me shit for liking musicals too

I enjoy watching musicals. Most guys think they’re dumb, but I’ll always be down to watching The Phantom of the Opera.

9. That’s a little weird

Sometimes when my girlfriend isn’t home, I’ll get her makeup and rub it beneath my eyes to conceal the dark circles I get from playing video games all night.

10. Yo, candles are the shit, though

I love the shit out of some candles. I like the ambiance, I like how they make my house smell and I like how they bring a room together.

Also, I will often buy some flowers to put on the dining room table, cause that shit adds some cheery color to the room!

11. I think the Arctic smells like…the ocean…maybe…?

I prefer women’s shower gel to men’s. They have a much nicer range; orange & peach, coconut & elderflower, wild rose & and ginseng. But look at the range of men’s; they sound cool but I don’t even know what Arctic Spray or Sporting Thunder is meant to smell like.

12. No shame, no glory

Popping my hip and other feminine poses while alone in front of a full mirror.

13. WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. Dammit, man, spoilers!

I read the first 75 or so Babysitter’s Club books when I was a kid. Bringing Claudia back was so stupid.

14. She knows, man. She knows!

I’m going to answer for my husband, because he’s not on reddit and wouldn’t admit this even if he was:

He watches / enjoys dance moms. He pretends it’s for me, some big sacrifice, but I get shit like, “Pause it! I need to get food!” and “Oh yeah, Abby, you don’t favor Maddie, riiight!” and “Jesus, what a cunt that candy apples chick is!” and “Oh, that Chloe, she’s so sweet” and “You didn’t start it without me, did you?”

Who you fooling, husband? NO ONE.

15. You ‘mirin bro? Bro do you even?

‘Mirin other guys in the gym…

16. Honestly, though, who doesn’t?

I make high pitched noises and lose control over my body when presented with tiny kittens

17. I remember belting out I’ll Make A Man Out Of You with a bunch of my friends in a car on the way to a football game

I seriously know every Popular Disney song word for word and I fucking love chick flicks.

18. My heart rate shoots up through the roof

When I see a cute baby animal, my voice involuntarily shoots up a few octaves and my Rs and Ls turn into Ws.

19. It doesn’t crush your balls, unless, of course, you’re too fat. [laughs all the way to the bank]

I cross my legs. I can’t help it, it’s so comfy!

20. I do too, but I’m really afraid of dropping those suckers

I adore babies.

21. BRO…are you SERIOUS? ME TOO

The past few days I’ve been lifting to the Frozen soundtrack.

22. Will girlfriends appreciate this?

Face masks and face creams. Gotta keep skin smooth and hydrated. My girlfriend and I will have spa nights once a week or so.

23. YES (a million times)

I get giddy as fuck when I see two characters from a show who I always wanted them to be together, smile at each other or finally get with each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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