35 Flight Attendants And Pilots Share The Most Obnoxious Thing A Passenger Has Done Mid-Flight

The most annoying airplane passengers ever. Here’s what not to do when you’re on a flight.

17. This is heartbreaking

This was in the late 1970s. I was seated on a plane when a very young girl, maybe 5 at the most, was flying unaccompanied. She was escorted to her seat by her grandparents who were loving and kissing her goodbye. They nestled a padded cooler under her feet and said goodbye, crying and holding tissues to their eyes. She was returning from a visit and on her way back home from Maryland to California.

The attendants checked on her regularly and she was so quiet and well behaved. But she kept unbuckling her belt to bend down and unzip the cooler and check inside. She seemed to be getting more distressed as the flight from Maryland to California progressed. I finally asked her “do you have a pet mouse in there?” with a smile “…or maybe a rabbit?”

She looked up at me and her eyes welled up with tears. “No it’s Maryland crab cakes.” Then she burst into tears. “Mommy said to bring home Maryland crab cakes so nana packed them. Mommy told me to not lose the crabcakes or she’d spank me forever. What if someone takes my crab cakes?” She just just started to sob. “I can’t lose the crab cakes. I can’ttttttttttt lose the crab cakessssssssssss.”

The passenger ahead of her was a good-old-boy used car salesman type who turned around and said “Shaddup KID.”

I was so heartbroken for this kid who felt such pressure to deliver mom’s precious cargo to her. I said “Let’s lock them up with a magic key.” We zipped up the cooler case, the I made as if I was locking it. I put my invisible key inside her pocket. “There. no one can take your crab cakes. Now you can take a nap or read if you like.” She said “Okay. You have to watch them for me also.” I said “You bet.”

Once we landed and she was escorted off the plane by the attendant, her mother was waiting for her in the gate. She took the cooler from the girl and said “Come on.” Mom turned around and walked ahead of the girl, carrying the cooler and she didn’t take the girl’s hand or anything.

The girl was ahead of me several paces and turned around and waved at me as she followed her crab cake delivery.

I think about her constantly. She’s an adult now and I hope she is happy.

18. Kind of an annoying troll

I don’t fly for a major airline, but for a smaller company in northern Canada. The plane I fly only has 8 seats, so when I have a full load of people, one person has to sit up front with me in the right seat.
One time I was flying with a full load, and the guy beside me was just one of those cocky, annoying guys that thinks they’re always right. About 5 minutes after take-off he asked me if I knew where we were. I told him exactly where we were, and then another couple minutes later he said we were going the wrong way. Being cautious, I checked my gps and my other nav aids which all indicated I was on track to my destination. I told him he’s mistaken, and pointed straight ahead of us telling him that was where we needed to go. He then pointed over his right shoulder and said we should be heading back that way. By this time I knew the guy was an idiot.

For the rest of the flight he just kept shaking his head and I kept trying to ignore him.

After we landed at our destination I just gave him the “how about you just let the pilots do the navigating from now on” look.

TL;DR Passenger tried telling pilot they were going the wrong way when they actually weren’t.

19. Go away, ‘batin

I myself am not a flight attendant, but, when I was maybe 7 or 8 I was on a flight home from Italy. Me and my parents were in the center aisle, and to our left was an older couple. The wife was rubbing her husbands very obvious erection through his trousers. I noticed and pointed it out to my mom- who pointed it out to the flight attendant. Right away the flight attendant went over to them and politely asked, on behalf of my parents, if they could refrain from that behavior since there were children in the area. They responded rudely that they weren’t doing anything. After the flight attendant moved on they actually pulled his schlong out and put a magazine over the blatant HJ action.

Eye contact was made, innocence was lost, and that flight attendant gained a story to tell on reddit.


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