35 Flight Attendants And Pilots Share The Most Obnoxious Thing A Passenger Has Done Mid-Flight

The most annoying airplane passengers ever. Here’s what not to do when you’re on a flight.

14. Please don’t disturb my downward dog

I get that on long flights you want to get up and stretch your legs a little, no problem. But on a 45 minute express flight is it really necessary to get up and start doing yoga in the back galley? Get out of my way so I can finish serving drinks to the other 70 passengers on board.

15. Powder your face elsewhere

I was on a red eye flight to London once. In the morning when everyone was getting up to pee after being asleep this one lady decided to spend about 20 minutes in the bathroom putting her makeup on. So much hate.

16. I feel like flight attendants don’t get paid enough to deal with all your shit

I’ve been punched in the face, propositioned, witnessed multiple couples try to get it on in the seats, had one couple try to do it in the galley, had my butt pinched, watched arguments break out over seats being reclined, been told the quality of ginger ale I serve is not of a high enough caliber, seen bare feet on bulkhead walls at face level, seen bare feet ever, had someone try to stow their luggage on my jumpseat shortly before landing, and had trash dumped on my food tray while I was still eating from it.


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