35 Flight Attendants And Pilots Share The Most Obnoxious Thing A Passenger Has Done Mid-Flight

The most annoying airplane passengers ever. Here’s what not to do when you’re on a flight.

11. Protip: Be nice to the crew. Or else

First, let me preface this entire thing. About 90% (I did the math and as everyone knows, pilots are good at math*) of the posts here revolve around one personality. The person that thinks the crew is out to get them. Here’s the bottom line – tell your friends: We want to get to the destination as much or more as the passengers do. We often have a VERY short time in our hotel to get dinner, sleep, and be back at the airport for another day already. Delays cut into that. If it is our go home leg, we’ll chew through steel to get home. But everything we do is about safety first. The company may fight us on that, but it’s our lives and we do our best to keep the flight safe. So, if there is a delay it is either warranted or out of our control. Also, we only get paid when the aircraft door is closed, so while we are sitting there waiting, we aren’t on the clock. (There are airlines with different pay rules, but the vast majority follow this structure).

K story time: It was a bad weather day into St. Louis. We got struck by lightning. It happens. We get priority to land because we can’t be sure what damage occurred. Once on the ground, I do a walk around and see the damage. The outbound flight, the last of the night, is cancelled because the plane is down for what I would think are obvious reasons.

We didn’t have a hotel for the night, as we were supposed to take the plane back out. So while waiting for news from crew scheduling, we were supporting the gate agent. Man, people were PISSED. Insisting we go. I point out the window at the melted wingtip and large scorch mark on the aircraft. One lady got in my face and screamed, “Do you think I give a fuck about your paint job?! Get me on that plane and get me home, or you’ll be sorry!”
Needless to say, that lady didn’t go on any flight with us the next day. Don’t fuck with gate agents (or crews that are nice to them).

*We are horrible at math. That whole math this is a myth. Math is dangerous in a cockpit.

12. This lady just didn’t understand height and width = really uncomfortable

I used to regularly fly those tiny commuter planes, the ones that have 1 seat on one side, 2 on the other, with maybe 14 rows.

Most of the time it was fine and I would book one of the first few seats on the single seat side, but one trip I was unlucky enough to be in the first row of two, window seat. This being unlucky, given I am 6’2″ with a football player build (broad).

I go to sit down and ask the woman on the aisle if she wouldn’t mind moving in to the window, to which she responds with a glare, then lots of groaning and moaning as she gets up to let me through.

As soon as I sit down, she immediately starts hitting me with her elbows, trying to shove me off the armrest, which is futile given that side of the plane physically prevents me from sitting up straight. Not a word is said to me this entire time.

She finally gets pissed off enough, pushes the call button, and proceeds to berate the flight attendant about how rude it is to have me sitting there taking up her space and how she can’t sit like this for the entire flight (45 minutes). Mind you, she still hasn’t said a single word to me.

After getting complained at, the flight attendant just smiles at me and informs the woman that there is an empty seat, moving her to the very last row of the plane. While she complains the entire time about how this is bullshit and she’s going to sue everyone.

That flight attendant. Bless her.


I was taking a shit, and the flight attendant opened the door because I was taking too long thinking I passed out. As much as it was for good intention, a simple knock & ask if I was okay would’ve sufficed.


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