35 Flight Attendants And Pilots Share The Most Obnoxious Thing A Passenger Has Done Mid-Flight

The most annoying airplane passengers ever. Here’s what not to do when you’re on a flight.

4. Don’t do this

I used to work for an airline which meant I got to fly for free as a standby passenger. This is called “non-revving” (non-revenue passenger). So this one day I’m taking a flight to New York as a non-rev and there is a girl from our airline who worked as a gate agent on there with a bunch of her friends. non-revving is a delicate thing sometimes, there are a lot of rules that the airline makes you follow so you don’t tarnish their image, I almost got denied entry once because I wasn’t wearing dress shoes. These girls get boarded and immediately start acting like stupid bitches. it’s warm in the plane so clearly the APU hasn’t been connected to allow the plane power to run the AC. As soon as the APU is connected and activated the AC is turned on and something starts blowing out the vents. at this point the plane is fully boarded but people are still putting shit in the overheads and stuff. what looks like steam or dust or mist or something starts coming out these vents and one of the stupid girls friends decides to shout (jokingly) “FIRE! THERE’S A FIRE ON THE PLANE!”


The flight attendants did not find this hilarious and they were all escorted off.

5. If someone says something multiple times, it MUST be important

When I was flying night helicopter “strip tours” up and down the Vegas strip, despite the video briefing which mentioned several times that no flash photography was permitted and my own verbal briefing mentioning this again, people would regularly take flash photos during the flight. It just blows my mind that people would think it’s ok to temporarily blind the pilot who’s flying them.


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