35 Flight Attendants And Pilots Share The Most Obnoxious Thing A Passenger Has Done Mid-Flight

The most annoying airplane passengers ever. Here’s what not to do when you’re on a flight.

34. I was here FIRST

Flight from Frankfurt to Montreal, and this dude is sitting in the middle section in the aisle with an empty seat next to him. This woman and her young daughter (7 or 8 I think) come up and politely tell this man that his seat and the one next to his are their seats. The man refuses to move. The woman asks again over and over politely to please let her sit there. The man didn’t want to move and started crossing his arms like a child and pouting. The woman told him that her daughter has never flown before and would appreciate two seats next to each other so that she can sit with her daughter. No dice. They proceeded to argue and the man yelled at the woman telling her she was a horrible person. We stood up to offer our seats to the woman but before we could say anything she flipped the guy off. I wanted to applaud her. F that guy.

I don’t understand people who won’t relinquish the seats they aren’t supposed to be sitting in in the first place. ESPECIALLY if this poor woman and her daughter needed to sit together. Now you have a pissed off mother who has to shuttle back and forth to her terrified daughter 8 aisles away sitting next to a bunch of strangers on her first flight.


I had a sizable layover once of about three hours. I find my terminal/gate and it just so happens to be right across from a bar. I settle in and have a good time. Once boarding begins, I calmly make my way to the plane…

…and find out I’m at the wrong gate. Not only am I at the wrong gate I’m not even at the right terminal.

I haul ass and hear them page me by name just as I reach the gate. I’m panting as I make my way down the aisle to the woman insisting her bags will fit. She “can’t” check her bags because she has this back condition. Meanwhile this tiny flight attendant is doing her best to heave this extremely heavy bag with no success.

Once I’ve sufficiently caught my breath, I take over. The passenger had actually taken her seat, buckled up, and takes out a book while we struggle to stow her shit.

The flight attendant was…most grateful.

Story two: I’m mid-twenty and flying for business. The company got a free upgrade to first class which meant shit to me since I’ve only flown a few times. This is a tiny airport with a slight delay so the crew couldn’t get on board yet. Cue the middle-aged man in a suit who yells “which one of you gals is doing first class?!”

He has this exaggerated grin and is pointing to each attendant. When she reluctantly claimed the “honor,” his face lights up even more and, yelling again, “You gonna work tonight gal!.”

For the duration of the flight, this guy proceeds to treat her like his personal servant and tried to be the life of whatever imaginary party he thought was going on. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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