28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

25. Ya’ll can’t kick me out

In 4th grade we had a few foreign students. Being it was NY, it’s not a big deal to see someone come late into the school year because they were from another country. This kid (let’s call him Ahmed) just came to NY, had no English at all but was a beast in Math.

During one Math class he was already finished with one section of the SYMS book while the other kids were palm sweaty from a few questions in. He sat there for some time and was really bored, then he gets up goes to the waste bin and proceeds to take off his pants and shit right into the waste bin.

The teacher was so shocked she didn’t even make a sound. He gets up, puts his pants back on and sits at his desk as if nothing happened, the whole class is either disgusted or laughing hysterically, I of course fell out of my chair from laughter. The teacher started yelling at him, but he didn’t speak any English, so she took him to the principal’s office.

Later when I went to give in the attendance for class, I noticed he was there with his parents present already, and the mother tells the principle that Ahmed said if there was some sand around he would’ve covered up the smell by putting sand on it. I burst out laughing again, Ahmed seen me and smiled devilishly. The principle explains that there are facilities for which this act can be done without interrupting his classmates or alerting his teacher. His mom just says, look my kid had to go, why would you spend time walking around searching for a place to go do your business when you already have a container for trash right near him.

Ahmed was a chill kid, and says in English the only word he learned that day, s s sorrry. A few years later when he learned most of the English language I asked him about the event, and he told me “Oh, I was bored so I wanted to make a statement to america that my shits here to stay.” What he meant was, “My ass is here to stay.”

26. The stuff teachers have to deal with

He didn’t exactly hide it but….an autistic guy in my homeroom class flipped over a chair, pulled down his pants, and attempted to penetrate his asshole with a chair leg after receiving bad grades on his report card. The teacher was roughly a 23 year old petite blonde woman (extremely attractive) who tried to stop him while turning her head and closing her eyes. Needless to say it didn’t turn out well as she eventually grabbed his ass multiple times trying to get it out. But it resulted shortly with one of the kids running to the principal’s office.

The kid got pulled out of class and was sent to an alternative school for the rest of the year.


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