28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

When she held the box out to him he grabbed it from her and snarls until she gave up on getting it back and sat down again. Mr. Morgan still had no idea what to even say, so after about 10 seconds of utter silence and confusion, he attempted to just get started with class.

He began to address the class as he put about 10 pencils back in their box. Apparently this angered Matt because he yelled, “NO! CHARIZARD GO!” He sat still for a second or two, Mr. Morgan still sitting down, and then reached into his box. Now I’m sure this all happened very quickly, but it seemed like slow motion at the time. He pulled out two powdered munchkins and rubbed them into each of his eyes so that both his eye sockets were white. He then threw one as hard as he could across the room at Mr. Morgan.

With no hesitation he then threw the next. Both of these missed, but sure enough he reached back in his box and began to throw more as quickly as he could. At this point the kid was hucking munchkins at our former Navy Seal math teacher, Buddy the Elf style, cradling the box in his left hand and throwing with his right. Most of the munchkins missed, but a few bounce off our teachers chest and arms. The last one, however, was a jelly donut.

Matt picked it up slowly, and then threw it as hard as he could at Mr. Morgan who was frozen in his seat with his pencils still in his hand. The donut hit him square in the nose, and it exploded just as Matt had intended it to. Red jelly was smeared all over Mr. Morgans face. Matt’s huge grin quickly faded as Mr. Morgan took all ten or so of his pencils and snapped them all with one hand.

The class goes from thunderous laughter and cheering to dead silent in a split second. We were all dying to know what Mr. Morgan would do. After about three seconds of Mr. Morgan penetrating Matts very soul with the daggers he was shooting out of his eyes, he yelled as loud as I’ve ever hear anyone yell, “YOU LITTLE, FUCKING, PRICK…. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT…. NOW!!!!!!!”

Matt didn’t have to be told twice. He RAN out of the class as fast as he could. Every one of us sat frozen in terror. After another 10 seconds of silence Mr. Morgan stands up and begins to leave the room. As he did he said, “I’m fucking sick of this shit. I fucking hate kids. I quit.” At that point none of us had any idea what to do other than laugh. The whole class erupted in laughter and we were left alone for the rest of the class because no adults had any idea what had just happened. I’ll never get tired of telling that story.

23. Chemistry is no joke

In high school chemistry, we were mixing organic compounds in the lab. Teacher’s instructions were to mix one compound, then dispose of it before starting the next one, and under no circumstances were we to mix them together. Well, a couple of troublemakers mixed all of them and it started spewing some really noxious fumes. It was the first time in my school’s history that the chem lab had to be evacuated.

24. Gonna go throw up

There was a girl in my class in highschool that would put the maxi pad in her tiny purse and then smell it during class. I’m sad that I even had to write that sentence.


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