28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

20. Guess you had to be there to be scared

Freshman year gym class. My school had two gyms, one larger gymnasium and then a smaller down the hall from it. Everyone was just standing around in the main gym before class started when we heard strange noises coming from the gym down the hall. A couple of students and I went to investigate the noise. I was scared when I opened the door and saw two of the special ed kids going at it, making the weirdest noises ever.

21. This sounds like a porno

One day in my sophomore year, I was walking up the stairs to the locker room when I saw one of my buddies sister on all fours. She was taking it from behind from one guy while blowing another. Keep in mind that this was at a high school in Utah of all places. Mormons are weird.

22. To be quite honest, Matt was a prick

In seventh grade I had a classmate who was a little… Off. He could interact and be friends with other students, but he really didn’t know how to behave in class. My math teacher that year (we’ll call him Mr. Morgan) was a former Navy Seal. A huge angry guy with a temper that looked scary even when he was smiling. He was maybe 6’4″ 220 lbs. This kid (we’ll call him Matt) for some reason really didn’t understand that it was a bad idea to piss this guy off.

Throughout the year he had done things like only brought his homework in on crumpled paper towels, or waltz into class with a tree branch in his shirt and begin eating the leaves on it. His only explanation was that he was a stegosaurus. All of these things really pissed off Mr. Morgan, but he because this kid had some issues he did his best to cope with him, and never sent him to the dean or anything.

Now before I explain what happened that day its important to note that Matt sat in the very back corner of the room. The only thing behind him was a small desk with two chairs and two computers. Mr. Morgan’s desk was in the opposite corner of the room, up near the whiteboard.

One day one of the girls in my class came in with two boxes of Dunkin’ Munchkins and explained that she’d like to hand them out to the class because it was her birthday.

Now this was at the very beginning of class so we hadn’t started a lesson. The girl handed out one munchkin to everyone with about 10 left in the second box. She asked if anyone hasn’t gotten one and all of a sudden we heard Matt’s voice (who was presumed to be absent up until then) yell “I WANT A GOD DAMN MUNCHKIN!”

At this point everyone was surprised because they had no idea he was in the class, and even more so because he still wasn’t in his seat and no one knew where he was. The class fell silent and we all heard a sort of scooting noise. Like plastic sliding on plastic. Sure enough, Matt slowly appeared from under the computer table.

He jammed himself into the recycling bin and was hiding under the desk, but apparently he felt Munchkins were enough to get him to scoot out of his hiding place. At this point Mr. Morgan had no idea what to think let alone say, so he was just sitting at his desk dumbfounded and staring at what was going on. The poor girl was terrified, and slowly inched over to Matt.


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