28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

17. With dead fury

When I was in primary school there was a girl who had very few friends and was a little odd. One day whilst I was sitting next to her she lifted her dress and stuck her pen in herself and then looked at me dead in the eye and started clicking the pen with fury. I never sat next to her after that.

18. Uh, what

In high school history class, the teacher was a great prankster but a bit of a nutcase and let us do basically whatever we wanted. One day a friend of mine took the teacher’s coffee cup to the bathroom, came back with a pee/coffee mixture and handed it to the teacher. My buddy even told him, “I peed it that” and the teacher looks him dead in the eyes and enthusiastically says “Good!” and drinks it. He probably knew once he’d tasted it, but he never let us know it. Just continued to sip it and look at my buddy and wink. Dominance was established.

19. Surprise in the supplies

The person wasn’t seen, but somebody took a horrible, god awful liquid shat in a big cooler filled with some soda and water. I was just in lunch and a few friends told me to come to the boys locker room to see it. I don’t know how they found it, I don’t know who did it, I just don’t want to know.


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