28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

14. I gotcha now bitch

You know how bathroom stalls have those awkward cracks you can see through? I walked into the bathroom one day in school to see a guy pissing through that crack, attempting to spray the kid who was pooping and had nowhere to run. I have no idea why, I just turned around and left.

15. It’s funny when you look back on it

One time I walked in on a good friend/teammate shitting in the locker room showers. Then he kicked the poop against the wall and yelled “POO POO!” At the moment is was horrifying, but it made for a great story afterwards.

16. “Nuclear”

This bitchy girl I sat next to in 6th grade math did a silent fart just as I was bending down to get a calculator out of my backpack, which put me in the hit zone. Not that “disturbing”, but it was honestly the nuclear bomb of all farts. I started choking on the fumes and the entire class stopped the lesson to see if I was okay. I finally caught my breath, told the teacher I had asthma (not true) and was sent down to the nurses office. I got to nap for the rest of the school day and the girl was never mean to me again.


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