28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

11. Dear Diary, Today in school, I learned children love poop

I went to a K-12 school because my town is tiny as hell. One day when I was in middle maybe high school, I was killing time from class taking a shit in the stall. Unfortunately, shortly after getting down to business an elementary class came in on a bathroom break. On this day, I learned just how much little kids loved poop.

I guess they liked when people didn’t flush so they could see people’s poop. They all ran in yelling “I hope there’s poop!” and “I wanna see some poop!” Since there wasn’t any in the other stall they thought the solution would be to see my poop, which caused them to riot and slam on the door yelling “I want to see poop!”

I just wiped, called the rest of the remaining shit a loss, and slammed open the stall and ran away back to class. Didn’t mention what had happened to my classmates.

12. You really couldn’t wait?

Kid jerked off in 8th grade math class… And finished. In class. He had two empty seats around, and was actually being pretty stealthy, until the moment of ecstasy when he began breathing real heavy. A girl noticed about 10 seconds before he finished, and she gave a very loud, startled, “What are you doing?” He was at the point of no return though, and just blew his load with his hands down his pants. He freaked out the minute he finished and the teacher started screaming at him. He ran from the room, but he left some cum on the door handle as he left. Obviously, he never lived it down. Every time I see the “People don’t forget,” thing from Superbad, I think of him.

13. In. Her. Hair.

I went to a reform school for a bit, a place where they send “bad students”. There was this kid there that would not tell anyone what he did in order to get sent there. So on the last day I was there I told him that we were never going to see each other again so why not just tell me. After a bit he finally told me, turns out this his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him so he decided one day in the middle class to jack off and cum in her hair.


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