28 Crazy Stories Of Students Doing Obscene Things In Class

8. A strange sight indeed

One time in my high school choir class the kid next to me taps me on the shoulder and says, “Check out my new wallet.” I look over and he has his pants down and standing there is a fully erect penis. Not to mention a massive bush. The hair went almost all the way up the shaft too which was pretty horrifying. His best friend is sitting next to him and he notices as well, starts laughing and says “What the fuck bro.” The friend then proceeds to grab his sheet music and swipes it towards the dick, giving it a paper cut. The kid with his dick out (normally a pretty calm, funny guy) becomes furious, stands up with his penis still out, and punches the kid square in the face. At this point everyone has noticed the commotion and they see a kid standing up with a hairy erection that has just punched his friend. My words can’t describe the amount of confusion in that room. They eventually were both suspended for like five days or something. All the choir kids laugh about it now. Neither of them were allowed back into choir though. Up to this date that is the strangest event I have ever witnessed.

9. Kids will be…kids?

I don’t know if it’s horrible, but in middle school there was this couple that sat across from my table in the lunch room. Every day she would give him a hand job under the table, which was very obvious from where my friends and I sat. I always wondered if the people they sat with knew…I mean they had to right? I guess he never finished because I don’t know how you’d be able to look your friends in the eye while you’re violently jizzing on the underside of the lunch table…or worse, on to the open toed sandals of the girl across from him.

10. Lil’ Spermy

We had a spoiled dicklord in my grade 9 class. We went on a field trip to a marine biology center. We were messing around, and he grabbed a starfish out of a live tank, held it to his shirt, turned to the girl he liked and said, “Hey, I’m a sheriff!”

What he didn’t know was that when starfish feel they are going to die, they release all their jizz in an attempt to impregnate another random starfish. He proceeded to get a load all over his shit, and yelled, “HE PEED ON ME!”

Our teacher had a wonderful time telling him it was not urine, but starfish cum.

We forever called him “Spermy” and when he cried to a teacher about the name, she told him to get used to it, as it was going to stick.

I loved that teacher.


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